What's the secret to a baby scent?

What's the secret to a baby scent?

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Strangely enough, no one knows for sure where the sweet baby fragrance is coming from, but the mom is nostalgic for this fragrance and swears she has never felt more so.

When Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins, she called her one of the best fragrance recyclers in the world on the day after her birth, and charged her with the task of mixing the fragrant perfume just like the scent of her children. Because he'd never felt better before. The task proved impossible. THE baby smell for it is a real mystery: no one knows where it is coming from, exactly what it is, and some people also believe that the baby would be pregnant. Because the mother, the father, and the strangers, even the strangers, smell the baby, and it does not affect them as much as the blood relatives.
It is certain that most baby homes will knock on the door right at the door, the unmatched blend of purity, breast milk, baby oil, and rock powder that many people identify with baby smell.
But the real baby scent is much better. It is so strong and powerful that many women are able to smell the face and head of a newborn baby. The scent is the strongest in these places. But baby scent is not just for the enjoyment of enjoyment, it also plays a role in sign and identification. The baby's fragrance is unique, it is unique to it, experiments have shown that mothers almost indefinitely choose their baby's used clothes from any heap, and exclusively use the scent as a focal point. According to some theories, the fetal honey contains this aroma, others suggest that it is found in the sebaceous glands on the scalp, which are most active during the first few weeks after birth. It is sure to feel extremely strong on the head, probably because this part of the baby is closest to the mother during breastfeeding. This scent stimulates hormones in the mother's body that help milk production.
Baby is also strongly influenced by the father. It reduces the amount of testosterone in us, which may have been useful in old age because, with a relaxed and less adventurous father, she looks for another partner, but also for prematurely conceiving the mother, reducing the chances of another child being absent.

The scent of the baby captivates everyone

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