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Three-dimensional movie? Under the age of six, don't!

Three-dimensional movie? Under the age of six, don't!

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Oddly enough, it was not the ophthalmologists who were the first to alert the three-dimensional games, movies, or the dead, but the factories. Please, do we need to consider them…

First two years ago, one of Nintendo's For 3D games attached the warning: "not recommended under the age of six". It is justified that the eyes of smaller children are still developing and that they do not assist in the formation of the muscles, if they have to use them in a way wholly foreign to nature.
The warning seems logical, since three-dimensional things They work by imposing two distinctive images on the two eyes, which must be assembled in the brain to complete the body.
Although two eyes in everyday life do not get the exact same picture of the currency (it takes a couple of centimeters), three-dimensional films and games are much better than each other. This is the reason why many people complain of fatigue, heartburn, nauseawhen watching such a movie.
These symptoms are also more severe in adults, but are more pronounced in children. It is true that at the time when people first saw motion pictures, they reacted similarly. Many people got sick in the nursing rooms because it was a whole new kind of experience for the eyes and the brain. It took time to get used to it.Manual, since we are surrounded by motion pictures from a very young age, this learning process stops so quickly that we do not even remember it. This is also the case with three-dimensional films: first, a strange, slightly uncomfortable sensation, which quickly disappears.
There are, however, some who will not be in the realm of such a movie many times, and the unpleasant sensations remain. The ophthalmologists suggest that this is not due to the three-dimensional condition, but to the hidden disease of the eye. If the kid's headache, blurry eyesight complains if you are unable to run such a cinema because you are tired of it, then do not blame the cinema, but seek medical attention. Often in the background of headache szemizomgyengesйg бll. If the screen remains dim or you can't see the movie in space, your child's storage might be bad.
Indeed, three-dimensional cinema, games, and cinema can help in uncovering these problems.
Of course, this does not mean that any kind of screen saver, be it two-dimensional or three-dimensional, would benefit the eye. During teenage years, children often stop blinking, so they easily dry their eyes, become red, stop, and get infections more easily. THE eye muscles nor does it train if they are always at the same point. But experts suggest that the three-dimensional body does not cause more health problems than the traditional two-dimensional one.
Why then do the producers scream? According to experts, only because nobody really knows that 3D cinema how long-lasting effects it has or can have on the eyes, as there is no time or money to experiment with it. So the law of the company has been chosen, it's easier to put a warning on it than to pay for any overpayment.

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