This is how you can avoid child accidents

This is how you can avoid child accidents

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There is no perfectly safe home, accidents can happen everywhere. But there is much we can do to prevent and avoid it if we pay a little more attention.

The real trouble usually begins when the baby is slipping and toddling

Pregnant pregnant mother listened with horror to the family stories of moms with multiple children, which ended up in an accident wound or in the family red box of the family. My heart was clinging to the idea that my children might soon have small drops or more serious accidents. Then, with a tummy tuck, I decided to minimize the chance of this happening.

Baby - little problem!

The most important accident of a newborn baby is the fall. Although a couple of sunny babies can't change their place, they shouldn't be given the chance to tip over, slip away, and fall. After coming home from the hospital, we have to get used to not leaving our baby alone for a second. Looks like it's fixed on the diaper or in the middle of a good wide French bed, do not leave the child alone! When the phone rings or the phone rings, you should pick up and carry the baby with you, or in the worst case, put the baby on the carpet, but it is important that you do not stay high up on the baby. A child is in vain if it is not fixed securely and lightly it may fall over, desk, or gray. In fact, at this stage of our life, our cuckoo is responsible for the physical image of our child.

Discovery begins!

The real trouble usually begins when the baby reaches the age of cuddle and toddler. This period has many sources of danger, as our baby is still not sure about his feet and is looking for gripping points. If something is not fixed in place, it may be he is attracted to you it. At this age the little ones have absolutely no danger, so happily starts off on a steep flight of stairs, climbs up to the rocking table or the shaky shelf system. Therefore, it is important to always have an adult in the vicinity who will help or monitor your baby's discovery. Another source of danger for children of this age is the small objects left behind. The little one can carry a torn button, a rolled-up coin, or a left-handed place from the most unexpected places. Scraped objects, even if not sharp, can cause a lot of galibia. The little ones love to put it in their mouths, put them in their noses, or in their ears. At home, we can get ready for this, with a big big deal, to count these little things out of the baby's hand, but if we go to a place of ignorance, one of our eyes should always be in our baby!

Kid in the kitchen

The moments spent in the kitchen can be unforgettable: the first cooked meal together, the preparation of a family dinner, can all be beautiful memories. However, keep in mind that the kitchen also has many sources of danger. бrammal powered kitchen gép do not get into the child's hands. The feet we are cooking in should always be on the inside and inside the platinum! Do not place on the ground or the edge of the table hot meal or a glass of wine or drink. Do not store it in the lower cabinet tisztнtуszereket, neither chemicals, neither gyуgyszereket. Keep these things out of the reach of children!

Better to be afraid than to be afraid!

Of course, the solution is not to wrap our children in cotton wool, but it is important to keep in mind that the majority of accidents involve a little attention, conscious education, and a better childhood culture at preschool. Persons - Because of their inability to anticipate hazards, they are often put in dangerous situations. If parents and the adult environment were more careful and followed certain precautions, most accidents would not happen.