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Several types of disease can be found in the background of cerebral inflammation. One of them is Haemophilus influensae B, which is given to children at two months old and repeated at four months.


Pneumococcal and meningococcal vaccination may be given to the child for parenting. You need to repeat it three times in a year, and once in a year to develop enough protection. The first three are supported by the local government. Parents usually live with this opportunity at the time of entering the community, the beginning of the autumn-morbidity wave.The most common pathogen, Meningococcus B, 2014. Since then, there has been effective vaccination against this. It is very important that you recognize the symptoms and consult a doctor immediately. Based on the initial high fever, headache, vomiting, we can think of other illnesses. Cervical stiffness, strangeness, wheezing, pain in the limbs make the illness clear, and medical help is absolutely necessary. Bleeding under the skin, blue patches all over the body are warning signs. In addition, small children will have a prominent bump, not stand up, eat, or be sensitive to touch.
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