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Magic lamp can help with dyslexia

Magic lamp can help with dyslexia

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French scientists suggest that they have deciphered what causes dyslexia. In fact, I also know about herbal medicine.

Magic lights can cure dyslexia

They could find out what causes reading difficulties, or dyslexia. According to French knowledge, the eyes of dyslexics function as normal as non-dyslexic cells are arranged asymmetrically in the eye, for dyslexia symmetrically So the dyslexics are not dominated by anyone, as opposed to those who do not struggle with reading difficulties. This is important because it is impossible for one eye to supersede what is seen in the other, even though it is necessary for a single image to be created in the brain. So, for dyslexia, this single image is missing, so they mix letters, which is the main characteristic of dyslexia. Their brains would have to compose the big picture from two different images, and since there is no dominant eye, it is hard to understand. We also know the cure: the images are made with a minimal difference between the two brains, so if a They flash with LED lights for the small amount of time that is between the primary and the tiny images (a few milliseconds), the blinking erases the image and creates a single image. The flash is so fast that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it has greatly improved the reading performance of dyslexia. The LED lamp is also called a magic lamp.
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