Teachers demonstrate with pay photos

Teachers demonstrate with pay photos

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Teachers should show in photos that the children have not risen;

Pay is used to show teachers hands-on photography The National Union of Teachers' Youth has launched a Facebook campaign on Facebook and Instagram: young professional educators are posting photos of themselves with net friends. The trade union says on the site that "the government has a lot of respect for the financial esteem of those who work in education, but the sixth year of educators does not get any more money, but it also helps us." . Many comments were also received for the pictures, for example "7 years college, two degrees: pedagogy bachelor and teacher, 6.5 years internship for 157,945 HUF. And the Pedagogical Trade Union (PSZ) has also put forward protests and strikes if the government does not settle on the situation of educators.
  • picking up this September,
  • reducing the number of eagles,
  • tie the rebate fund to the current minimum wage,
  • to measure the extra burden,
  • And be accountable for legislation.
  • More than 2300 educators are missing the system
  • What's wrong with Hungarian education?


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