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That's why we get three times faster to get cold

That's why we get three times faster to get cold

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Several attempts have shown that zinc acetate tablets speed up the process of recovering from cold by a factor of three.

That's why we get three times faster to get cold

For patients who took this capsule, on the fifth day they had as many as 70 percent, while the rest had only 27 percent.However, tablets, which is slightly more than the recommended amount, but no serious complaints were made during the examinations. At the same time, professionals have experienced that well before evenings in a common cold those who took this gift like those who did not. dr. Harri Hemilä, a member of the University of Helsinki is preparing for further studies on the effects of zinc, but people who have been suffering from a cold are now tempted to try to get their zinc acetate to 100 mg a day.
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