Vitamin A can reduce the harmful effects of contamination

Vitamin A can reduce the harmful effects of contamination

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More research has shown that inhaling polluted air can damage the heart. However, a recent survey reports that using B vitamins can prevent this adverse effect.

Vitamin A can reduce the harmful effects of contamination

"While two-fold concentra- tion has a clear negative effect on heart rate and disease-protecting white blood cells, these adverse effects can at least be reversed." Dr. Andrea BaccarelliHowever, it is conceivable that over a dozen healthy subjects participated in the research, meaning that the data could hardly be relied upon for full proficiency. Experts believe that prevention is the most important method when it comes to air pollution. The study involved ten healthy, non-smokers aged between 18 and 60 years. They were all given placebos for four weeks before being exposed twice daily to severe airborne contamination. Later, these people were taking vitamin B supplements under similar conditions.As it turned out, the "pretreatment" effect of vitamin B was the negative effects of contamination they wear the body less, and recovery was relatively quick, even though placebo was not successful.
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