Chocolate only through my body! Psychology of worry

Chocolate only through my body! Psychology of worry

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A fairy-tale and crash helmet for the small motor, organic fruit for snacks, a pullover, a windbreaker and sunblock for a polar toy. Why are we worried about this? How to change it?

Are you Aggуdуs mom?

When your first child is born, you find yourself in a new universe. There is no sample that you can let go. Not only because parents ', grandparents' life strategies are almost useless in a world that has changed radically, but also because the child has become so rare that there is little opportunity for observation within the family. Everything has to be explored and discovered by yourself. It is natural for you to be uncertain and to question yourself.

Maternal Fear - The world is a life-threatening place

The predisposition to anxiety, which may have been well managed in your independent life, may occur with the child multiplying during childbirth. For one reason, because you can't always go into the techniques you have, you don't have the time to do sports, massage, and chat with friends. Responsibility is something that can completely go wrong.Increase the fact that too much information, in one hell of a lifetime, tells you that there is a risk to the world. to determine everything. Even the slightest deviation from your own system makes you nervous. She's tense in her mind, and she feels that if something doesn't go according to plan, it's going to end the world. In some inquiries, they are thought to be completely inflexible, with no sense of humor. There are some who make their family healthy by eating, some give a helmet to the child just learning.

There's something wrong with Mom

Generally, the stakeholders also said that something was wrong with them. "I'm too worried, I'm doing it really, I'm taking it seriously, I can't relax," they complain. However, it is more common to get the first feedback from the environment. The grandparents, the chick, may warn you that they are tired of the detailed instructions, the retrenchment. The child may also report defiance, anti-mother behavior, and anxiety symptoms.

How to change it?

In the first step, mark areas where you give your child a free hand. Choose your clothes, dress alone, butter butter, even if you need to clean up the kitchen afterwards. Leave the kid to the grandmother, the father, and then release it completely. This way, you will find that your child hasn't had any problems, and the simple idea that you have to take care of everything starts to dissolve.Dr. Battonyai Tünde, psychiatrist, life coaching advise everyone to contact a specialist if you are starting to feel overwhelmed with parenting. Excessive anxiety is a condition that it is very easy for you to drift into, but it is not that difficult to get around with a little help.
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