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Try out baby-mom shopping!

Try out baby-mom shopping!

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It is a fact that a kid is not exactly as good as a friend! However, it is worth checking in once, as it can be great. Here are some tips on how to buy together.

Full of tummy!

As a rule, that only after feeding go for it. The child is more balanced and relaxed when his stomach is full and he is likely to fall asleep in the vault. Breastfeeding babies have a relatively lightweight situation (and perhaps their mother, if there is a breastfeeding room), so be sure to pack enough nourishment into the diaper.

Talk to the baby!

If the little one is up, include me too into the purchase. Talk to him, show him the world! The youngest are happy to participate in the maternity program, while the larger ones are happy to pack, load and look. It's a good idea to turn the stroller over so you can always see it.

The colder the better

Small and big puppies are very fond of bright, colorful things. One glittering plaza That's why I was very attracted to them: everything so big, everything sparkling, music and lots to see! For a while, you're sure to welcome the picur on the spot, but if you can, don't stop now to chat with an old friend.

It's not too bad to buy a baby

Don't leave your favorite game at home!

If you start worrying about buying a baby, get one of your pet pet (plush, small car, anything you really love) out of your bag, even on a shopping cart you will play it as long as you are among the greens.

Planking with extras for bigger kids

If you can get your lurking already, you are in a more difficult position because they are curious about everything, they want to go everywhere, they want to catch everything, they want to try everything. Once you have made the purchase, you may come to jбtйkidх! There is no child who does not enjoy the thrill of motion. It's not a big number for you, but go for them. There is a playground at most of the plazas, the revenue center. You can jump in there at the end of the purchase for half an hour.

Double dynamite

Life doesn't stop when there are two children, even if one is just born. They are braver to try and buy, but it might be better to take your grandmother or a friend with them. You can do a good service testvйrbabakocsi, snacks and some other games for the fast.
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