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Breast milk protection

Breast milk protection

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It nourishes, medically serves, relieves pain, soothes - breast milk can do it all. Breastfeeding is not only important for the development of the baby, but also triggers a number of fun processes in the mother's body.

Breast milk contains immune defenses that help protect your baby, and thanks to certain hormones produced during breastfeeding, helps your baby regain his pre-natal status. It is essential that you breast-feed your baby as soon as possible and, well, you know that after natural vaginal delivery, most babies will be breastfed sooner than after cesarean.

It adapts to the baby

Breast milk contains everything that babies need - apart from love; the testьnk high rйszйt alkotу vнz, essential for fejlхdйshez zsнrsavak, бsvбnyi materials, vitamins, йrйsi processes also elхsegнtх, energiбt adу szйnhidrбt the izmocskбk, kцztьk fehйrjйk szolgбlу muscles of belsх bodies tбplбlйkul, in all these megemйsztйsйt, feldolgozбsбt lehetхvй tevх enzymes tovбbbб hormones And your tiny body is protected by your immune system. Numerous studies have been done on the fun effects of breast milk, and one study found that the further you get a baby's breast milk - and only breast milk - the less likely you were to overdo it. This also seems to apply to babies whose mothers are overweight or have diabetes, which may be genetically predisposed to overweight or diabetes.
We know that breast milk from premature babies has richer nutrients and nutrients than milk produced by mature infants.

Suck it!

In addition, breast milk is not the only cause, but breastfeeding itself and breastfeeding have both caused a number of positive changes in both bodies. When a baby is simmering with you, absorbing amazing breast milk, it releases calming, relaxing active substances in the body. Breastfeeding, the absorption of nutrients from breast milk, the sweet taste of milk, and the gentle arms of the mother, induce processes that result in a reduction in the perception of the baby's pain and in the levels of stress hormones.

Breast milk protection

And all this can happen during the entire breastfeeding period! What's more, it also has a beneficial effect on your body; soothed, pain-relieving, hormones that promote maternal behavior are produced. Even if your blood pressure is low on breastfeeding mothers, you are even more likely to respond to stress-relieving stimuli than mothers who do not breast-feed their babies. Lastly, let's not forget that breastfeeding requires a close physical connection, so it can help you to develop a tight fit.

After the cup

The cones born with cesarean section are in a more difficult position, as they are often incubated and only in the arms of their younger mother. Getting to know her "consequences" can lead to milking for a few days and making the baby find it harder to find her breast. This means that it gets less of the protective substances found in breast milk, but it meets the "foreign" microbes in the body faster than the "familiar" bacteria from your mother's body. According to some researchers, babies born with cesarean section are more likely to suffer from food allergies than babies born with a vaginal cross.
Nature has certainly not unexpectedly created a vaginal birth - and science can help to make the condition of birth less painful for pain and complications. Two years ago, Dianatal's birthing gel came to our country, which exclusively helps the baby through the mechanical pathway to reduce the intensity between the head and the wall of your vagina. By using this gel you can have a shorter, safer, less painful birth for you and your baby!
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