That's why it's good to be a mother

That's why it's good to be a mother

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Did you know that maternity has a positive impact not only on your spiritual but also on your mental and health level? On Mother's Day we collected the most interesting facts.

There are countless advantages to being a mother

1. Reduces the likelihood of breast development

If you are born young (between 18 and 25 years old) you will enjoy the highest level of protection against breasts. But don't worry, if you give your first child a little shorter life (between 25 and 30 years), you still have less chance of getting the disease. (According to birth research over the age of 30, there are no such positive health benefits.) And what is the reason for this? There are several components to this: firstly, the small cells that make up the breast change during pregnancy, which makes them less susceptible to the disease (this effective effect is also enhanced by breastfeeding for at least 7 months). hormones are released in the body that have a very strong anticancer effect (such as the hCG hormone). However, you should know that anyone who is pregnant too much during pregnancy and cannot get rid of excess afterwards has a higher chance of developing breast.

2. You are less likely to suffer from other cure diseases

Parents also enjoy greater protection against cure diseases such as infections. endometriosis, myoma, PCOS, or ovarian cancer. It is also the case that, after an accident, the already existing endometriotic symptoms in the mother diminish. "There are women who dramatically mimic the symptoms, and others completely disappear," he says. dr. Harry Reich, American dermatologist. Similarly, women with PCOS who have had pregnancy problems with their first child are very likely to have their baby touched for the second time.

3. You will have a longer life

Many times, being a mother also has the added benefits of long life. Those who have had two to three pregnancies are 25% more likely to reach 90 years of age than those born only once in their lifetime.

4. You are switching to a healthier lifestyle

Many women during their pregnancy experience the responsibility of living a lifestyle not only for themselves, but also for the new life they develop. And then, when the meaning of their lives is born, it only gets worse, because it will be absolutely vital that the full range of foods that parents, depending on their parents, will be able to afford. Not to mention what kind of food your mother eats as the most important example to follow.The child will also see how much you move, whether you are trapped by yourself, and this image will have an Urbian effect on what kind of life you will be doingwhen you fly out of the family. In addition, it is important to remember that you also want to stay healthy for as long as possible so that you can have the fullest part of your child's life - which also helps to improve your health. Awareness is indeed positive:
- 83% of them are starting to eat better
- 65% of them exercise (or at least exercise)
- 57% more often visit a doctor in advance

5. You will become a real "superwoman"

Research has proven that the more children you bring to life, the better your brain functions. Children also have a lower proportion of Alzheimer's disease and the risk of developing dementia in the elderly. Moreover, it has been observed that pregnancy and the effects of birth produce hormones in the body that improve maternal memory, vision, coordination, and function. Well, the child and the house have to do, a work And a felesйgszerep In the Bermuda polygon, there is a need for these abilities.

6. You choose to be more flexible, uneducated, patient

Many times before the birth of a child, they realize how much they will show and teach to the little gymnastics. They only wake up to the fact that the child actually teaches them at least (if not more) things: patience, acceptance, innocence, unconditional love - to mention just a few.

7. You will be happier and more confident

According to an American study, 72% of women are happier and 70% more happy after their children are born. Nearly 95% of them admitted that their lives were given a higher value by becoming a mother.We wish Happy Mother's Day every single and multiple mother!Related Articles:
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