The mumps

The mumps

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Did you know that the mumps is an English descent that came to me indirectly? Means it is a tumor. Gain a grasp of this sickness.

The mumps

But let's see what exactly you are up to! We also have to begin with this disease as the old physician, Hippocrates, recognized and described his own features: , and 2 rarely seen in children younger than 2 years. The mumps virus is a family member of the Paramixoviridae, and is only viable and drip infection (inhaled by a person infected with mumps, and by inhalation of airborne, dripping moisture droplets), and by touching objects contaminated with an infected arrow.
Yes has a high infectivity, in a closed community, 70-80% of people exposed to infection can become ill. 14-24 days after the infection, the symptoms also appear:
  • lбz
  • wood weakness and weakness
  • nyбlmirigy-gyulladбs
  • fьltхmirigy swelling
  • sore throat, difficulty in swallowing (as a consequence of inflammation of the thyroid gland)

  • How does the doctor diagnose you?

    For the most part, a physical examination (examination of the pituitary gland) and the visualization of the symptoms of the disease are sufficient to make the diagnosis. Microbiological examinations may be required in the event of an appearance of the disease, so that other diseases can be clearly ruled out by the physician.

    What to do?

    The patient cannot enter the community until complete healing. In the patient environment, children who have been in contact with the patient and who have not been infected at an earlier age are not allowed to visit child protection facilities for children under the age of 3 during the latency period.
    Specifically, there is no cure for mumps, but analgesics are good for reducing headaches, fever and other unpleasant symptoms.
    Cйlszerы neglect the dishes that require a lot of appetite as well as over-acid foods and drinks. Most children with mumps are fully recovering, without any major events. And those who are once sick get virtually life-threatening protection.

    What are the consequences for mumps?

    The infection follows with a variety of events can also be counted. Early childhood inflammation is predominantly inflammatory in 10% of cases agyhбrtyagyulladбshoz and agyvelхgyulladбshoz leading to serious hazards (such as nervous system damage or death).
    We need to be aware of these if you experience sudden weakness, headache, vomiting, or heartburn). In the case of nervous system disease, special brain tests may be needed.
    Another event might be the hallбscsцkkenйs, and hasnyбlmirigy-gyulladбs. In young adulthood and puberty, women may develop inflammation of the ovaries, which in most cases does not cause lasting problems; on the other hand, in 30% of mumps cases, testicular inflammation can develop.
    In Hungary, this was largely the case in the 80s, with little soldiers with incredibly large testicular swelling.
    Even then, high fever, chills, and nausea, and enlargement of the testis (up to a liter of egg size), and very sensitive, painful feelings occur. Because of the severe pain, the patient is unable to get out of bed and needs urgent urologic treatment.
    As a result of chronic testicular inflammation, sperm production ceases in the deceased testicular. Boys or men suffering from testicular inflammation need rest. In addition, the use of ice, anti-inflammatory drugs (elastic bandages) will be part of the therapy.

    The only defense is the Vaccination

    In Hungary a vaccination against mumps Since 1991, it has been part of the domestic vaccination protocol: 15 months old should be given to young children in a combined vaccine. This is ъn. MMR vaccination (morbilli - mumps - rubella): a combination of curvature, curvature and mumps. These are weakened viruses that activate the immune system effectively. The reminder is given at school at the age of 11
    Very rarely, hypertensive reactions, nausea and swelling of the lymph nodes may occur.

    Mumps Laws Around the World

    In Europe, according to WHO data for 2014, there were 10,807 cases of mumps: in the past years in Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria, the head mumps has been reported.
    Due to mistrust of vaccines, a more serious mumps rampage occurred in America in 2006, spreading to the northeast by 2010. In the background, dr. Andrew Wakefield published a 1998 study in a recognized medical journal, Lancet autism brought the vaccines together. And the author is there withdrew his article due to fraud, and a series of studies have challenged his hypothesis, and how fear has penetrated into the public consciousness. In 2014, according to WHO reports, there were 15,643 cases in the United States, which is a staggering number.
    In 2008, the mumps appeared in Vancouver, Canada: the authorities discovered a religious group whose members, for world-wide reasons, had not filed a defense against the mumps.

    What is the situation in our country?

    Since 1973, our country has been among the diseases to be reported. 40% of the cases reported in our country occur in the months of February-April, while the fewest cases occur in the summer. From October onwards, the number of patients starts to rise again.
    More than 90% of cases concern children younger than 15 years. All patients are approx. Half of them are 3-5 years old, so they occur between school years.
    With the introduction of vaccines, the number of mumps cases has dramatically decreased: 1972-1981. Between 1992 and 2001, we know of 42,683 cases. this number has fallen to 5067, but in 2010-11 only 45 cases were reported.
    The numbers speak for themselves: vaccination can effectively prevent this disease.
  • Vaccination against Morbilli (bend) mumps-rubella
  • MMR Obligatory Protection