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7 signs that the baby will be caught

7 signs that the baby will be caught

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Did you know that your baby's toothache develops well before birth? And despite the fact that your first tooth comes out in just 6 months, can the process start as long as two months?

Are you laughing at everything? Then they really will

Verily! That is why many children are very quick to develop symptoms of toothache, but the tooth premonition will take a few moments. But there is no cause for concern; Fortunately, we hardly sense anything at all, but it can also happen that each tooth is "born" to both a compassionate mother and a baby. a certain catch!

1. Makes everything laugh (better than usual)

The baby is really small turns into a gossip during this period. Everything goes from plastic spoons to toys to nipples (aъ!). It may be helpful to experience which games your child is most comfortable with and get a couple of them.

2. Intense licking

The newborn has a lot to swallow, because he hasn't learned how to swallow his stalk. With the help of a tooth, the process is reinvigorated, as the body so try to keep your sensitive, swollen tooth wet.

3. More restless, nervous, waking up many times at night

Unfortunately, a baby who has a good night's sleep during a nap may He wakes up again. There is nothing in the night to distract your little attention from the pain.

4. Your sleeping habits change

Adjusting the teeth can also affect day-to-day sleep. There are babies who are daytime because of this they sleep lessand wake up earlier in the morning than usual. Persevering moms, this will work for once!

5. Fever, shocks, coughing and / or vomiting symptoms

Although a majority of doctors dispute that many mothers report that before they have another small tooth, he is experiencing a heat rise the child. In addition, increased saliva production can cause excitations around the baby's mouth or chest, and some people also report coughing (caused by a ruptured throat). In addition, diaper rash and vomiting can occur.

6. Transparent

It is understandable that babies eat less than usual because of toothache. However, it is best to continue doing the same persevering with the breast / breast milkbut if your baby's calorie intake drops dramatically, make sure to consult your pediatrician.

7. Often dirt your face, rub your face, face

Do you have your child put on your ears many times during the day? Do you smudge, sting, even rub your face? You can rest assured that you do not believe that your ear is a headache so try to relieve the pain radiating to your face (face). However, if you do not see any other signs of toothache, refer to the doctor, as there may be another problem in the back!Related Articles:
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