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Will he be a boy or a girl? Find out now!

Will he be a boy or a girl? Find out now!

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Want to know the sex of your baby, but don't want to wait for the ultrasound? Our super-efficient jesus will tell you whether you're carrying a baby boy or baby under your heart!

Boy or girl stuff? You will always know!

From the Chinese calendar to morning sickness, several factors can help you find out if you will have a baby boy or baby boy. As long as you wait for the ultrasound scan, this is not a fun, funny methodif you want to know the sex of your baby. Just give it a try and give it a try!

Up or down?

Look at your stomach: If you are tall, you are expecting a baby, if you are down the tummy you can count as a little boy.

Is your heart rate fast or slow?

If you are approaching an examination where your baby's heart is being heard, ask your doctor to tell you how fast your baby's heart beats. If you beat more than 140 in one minute, you are expecting a little girl, if you beat less than 140 then a little boy.

Sweet or bitter?

Do you want your ticket every day? There are some who want you to crave sweetness during your pregnancy, so you will have a baby. If you sush or bitter, then your son.

Khan's method

This ancient method calculates whether you are carrying a baby boy or baby under your heart based on your age and the month of your baby's conception. You can try it out here!

The key is to open it

Put a key in front of your pregnant friend on a table and ask him to pick it up from there. If you take the tight part, you will be a girl. If the round starts, then his son.

Acne is also a treat

If you are bouncing around during pregnancy like you did during your teenage years, you are sure to have a baby. The saying goes that babies steal a smile from their mother and that's why those pesky acne come out.


Put a ring on your wedding ring. Swing over your stomach. If you swing around, you will have your son, if you swing back and forth, you will be.

It may also be an even signal

Were you as sick in the first trimester (or beyond) as a dog? Then you will have a girl. Do you hardly know the mood, the morning sickness? Then you're looking for a boy. At least according to beliefs. The source of the article is here.