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So regain your shape after birth

So regain your shape after birth

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We know it's not easy to get back to pre-pregnancy status after childbirth, but we have a great plan that if you insist, you'll find it easier to find yourself.

After nine months with just about all of your molecules focused on pregnancy, you might bet it is a strange thing to look at after your baby's birth. At the beginning of your mother's life, you will most certainly believe that you will ever have a good time with your pre-pregnancy jeans. But the process naturally requires patience and perseverance. One of the most effective and safest is the Progressive Walking / Jogging program, which is designed to create energy, exercise and baby weight.
The great benefit of being lightweight and pleasant to do is so much more prudent that you stay motivated and get in shape for up to a month. If you stick to the plan for the next 12 months, you will be stronger and healthier, and by the time your child celebrates his first birthday, your old farmer jeans will.

1. Tomorrow

If your doctor has blessed you with the program, you should start with a light walk at first. Make sure you walk every day, if only for 10 minutes, but still. Take the little one with you in the stroller. However, in the event that walking causes or aggravates bleeding, consult your physician.

2. Tomorrow

If all goes well so far, you are ready to strengthen your endurance. Gradually increase the length of the lane until about weekly. You won't go away in 100 minutes. Try to spend at least five days every week.

3. Tomorrow

Stay on the one-day schedule, but increase the total duration of the walk by about a week. 150 minutes and give it some faster movement. Of course, you do not have to go hot until you increase the tempo for a minute and then continue at a normal pace for a minute. These intervals increase heart rate and help calories burn faster.

4. Tomorrow

Increase the duration of the faster sections so that three minutes of tighter pace can be followed by one minute of walking at normal speed. Your goal is so much faster every time you walk. By this time you are going to be stronger, so try to spend six days a week for a total of 180 minutes.

5. Tomorrow

The plan begins to get serious during this phase: increase your total walking time to 200 minutes per week, with at least one walk for 45 minutes. Increase your speed by approx. for four minutes; and do this every time.

6. Tomorrow

Now that you are a pro on rough terrain, insert a small slope into your line for a week. Hold for six days a week for a total of 210 minutes. (Note: The ascents will take the place of tighter pedestrians this month and next month.)

7. Tomorrow

Post an ascent to your route for another day on the schedule. Continue for six days a week for a total of 200 minutes. (Extra time and rising effort compensate for fewer minutes this month.)

8. Tomorrow

Walking for six days a week for a total of 225 minutes. Goal: Six more high-speed progressions for five minutes, and the day you don't do it, walk 50 minutes with inclines.

9. Tomorrow

Move six days a week, for this day, according to your usual workout plan (see previous month), schedule a two minute walk in the walk, followed by one minute of walking. All this four times.

10. Tomorrow

Target at least one long walk per week, which lasts sixty minutes and continues jogging and walking on the last two days of the week.

11. Tomorrow

If all goes well, you will be jogging for fifteen minutes twice a week, and for the remaining days, use your usual walking-jogging routine.

12th Day

Continue your day-to-day movement but increase your jogging twice a week for twenty minutes. And so very proud of you, healthier self! - VIA -