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They called back organic muesli

They called back organic muesli

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The tropan alkaloid-contaminated organic paleo muesli had to be returned to the National Food Chain Safety Authority.

They called back organic muesliGermany is effective due to atropine and scopolamine content issued an alert for a bio-based paleo mousse from Austria. The Hungarian distributor took the product off the shelf and published information on the recall on its website. Nbih repeats purchased products in stores.Nebi warns consumers that if they have previously purchased the product described above, dm Kft will sell the purchased product in its entirety.Identification of the product:
Product name: dmBio Paleo Mьsli, 500 g
Distribution: dm Hungary Ltd.
Manufactured by: BiologoN GmbH, Austria
30/05/2019 Affected by all production lines
RASFF Reference Number: 2018.2695What you should know about tropical alkaloidsTropane alkaloids are the toxic active ingredients of some plants, which are found in all parts of the plant, including in the seed, and are commonly known as atropine, which is also used for medicinal purposes. They can get into food and feed during the harvesting of plants, with contamination from weeds. Increased levels of tropane alkaloids affect the central and autonomic nervous system. May cause nausea, pupil development, fatigue, heartburn, dry mouth, arrhythmia, and other nervous system symptoms.


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