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Cool tips for baby days on canine days

Cool tips for baby days on canine days

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The cannon is raging, and in the third stage we are expecting the baby to cook. Let's look at a few tips for lightning fast coolers!


The real season of the fruits used for the vitamin C supplement during the Christmas season is summer. Lime, orange, tangerine, grapefruit are all cool fruits, and they are consumed locally for warm tolerance. So do we, squeeze the leaves, chill them with water, and maybe taste them with a little honey. During breastfeeding, if your mom drinks lemonade, she may have a small belly.

Divine currants

It doesn't take much time to make a currant.

Cool tips for baby days on canine days

We screen 10 to 15 deca currants, because our stomachs can be particularly sensitive to the seeds. Let us stir in three teaspoons of honey and pour it over 3 deci.


Ayran (pronounced: бjrбn) is a traditional Turkish yogurt drink, it is worth searching in Turkish restaurants, but you can easily make it at home. It is a slightly juicy, cool, refreshing potent beverage and also yoghurt patches of lingering substances. Put in a bowl 3 deci fat yogurt, 2 deci water, a teaspoonful of salt (possibly Himalayan or sea-matured sauce) and mix well with a botmixer.


An Indian version of a cool yogurt drink, a juicy, fruity and sweet variety found in all restaurants. It is best known for mango glass, but it can also be made of blue clover, strawberries. Preparation: Mix 50 deca yogurt, 2 deci water, half ripe mango (or canned) and half lime juice.

Hot drinks

Hot teas are very popular in Arab countries. If you drink it, sweating may increase for a while, and you may feel temporarily cool down. However, our bodies are also loaded with ice and cold drinks, so drink the best room temperature or a little cooler. Consuming hot black tea and coffee is also a good idea, as both reduce the absorption of iron. And if we were to be rescued somewhere else, let's be a marshal! Peppermint can be a major source of stress and frankincense can cause low blood pressure.

Cucumber yogurt

In the great heat, we want to eat almost nothing. However, a small tzatziki salad with a slice of wholemeal bread or a thin slice of meat can still do well. Grate a light cucumber and let it stand for half. Then mix in 8 decis yoghurt with onions cut into two circles and garlic cloves. Put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes so that the flavors will gather.Extra tip!
In the really southern countries you can see that they do not go to the sun with their head exposed. Our household can work much more efficiently if we protect our heads with a little hat from the hot sun.

Vzz kнvьl-belьl

Drink often, little. Wash face, fishes, necks, forearms, wrists with cold water as often as possible. A professional, specialized baby masseur can help to harmonize the lymphatic system and is effective with one tablet of Natrium sulphuricum D6 Schüssler-s. Moving your fingers, hands, and feet several times a day, as well as during a low-fat diet. It is also important to pay attention to the hidden heights, which can be found in adornments.
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