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Watch out for this if you have a dusty nose

Watch out for this if you have a dusty nose

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Do you use a dusty nose? I would like to draw your attention to a common but more annoying problem.

Dangerous nasal dischargeI honestly admit, for years I used my dusty nose in my greatest peace of mind. I have always been of the belief that these cookware are safe because they are designed not to cause pain or trouble to the children. However, I had no idea that dusting could be done to us even if I was not paying attention.

What's in my dust?

Dusting of the nose of children is one of the most constant issues of the autumn-winter period. Beginners and practicing moms share millions of experiences on this method, which is now an inevitable routine for cure for hunger and allergies.
A friend of mine, a mother of two toddlers, recently told me that one night she suspected she had found her dusty, so she asked her to see what's wrong with the machine. Immediately after the dust removal, what was causing the problem was: the engine was able to eliminate the baby's nose, which also meant the baby, regrettably, there was something in the nasal-lined storage compartment.


It is worth examining the rigging (and even inside the rig) after nasal rigging. If you want to put it in the tube, you should immediately wash it, drain it and let it dry. .

But how can voters get into the machine?

If larger amounts (several ml) of heavy water are injected into the nasal cavity of the child, the water mixed with the lilies may pass into the lozenge and into the lungs as well.

Can I get stuck?

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