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The mother does not sleep for 44 days in the first year

The mother does not sleep for 44 days in the first year

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Like it or not, sleeping is a must for new moms - even though we are only prepared for it before the baby arrives.

According to Kelly Sullivan, assistant professor at the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Georgia at Georgia Southern University, students have confirmed that they have less than one newborn and one newborn child before midnight. and sleeping habits of childless women, and her examination revealed public differences.

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According to Sullivan, the consequences of chronic sleep deprivation can be far worse than a couple of sudden pop-ups, contributing to accidents, concentration problems, poor workplace and school performance, and weight gain.

It is important that the data subjects work to maintain optimum physical and mental health, and care is required.

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The study looked at more than 5,800 adults and found that men's sleep patterns were not significantly influenced by the arrival of the child.
According to a previous informal survey conducted in the United Kingdom about New Parents, parents lose 44 days of sleep in their first year of life and over 5 months of sleep per night.