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On Saturday the Nõk Lapja Café Festival awaits

On Saturday the Nõk Lapja Café Festival awaits

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Our Brother, Nõk Lapja Café is hosting a full day of fun, where you can chat while you live!

Where to meet each other This is Lapja Café friends, if not in a café where we all cook, where desserts are delicious, and the mood and the sparkle of life? It seems like a great idea, if only for a day, to create a huge, open-air coffee in the center of Budapest, on Freedom Square. Come here on Saturday, September 3, if you like free chat, fun, good music and color programs.
You will be greeted with devoted children's programs: as early as 10 am, the day begins with a circus parade and dance lessons, so that Salami and Karavan Familia will continue to entertain the little ones on the grand stage. But it is worthwhile to do the rest of the tour, there are countless color programs in the child-friendly tent.
Djulutan continues with NLC festival programs: a Instant corporation improvisational theater and a street fashion show will open the line for a big stage party and 4 Free Birds, is known from the Star birthlets Bad Boyz, Shodeinde Dorka йs Gáspбr Laci brighten the mood. Roy and Бdбm they are calling a special concert, they are invited to their productions Jamie Winchester. It's the evening Peter Geszti and the Gringo Star your super concert closes!
And among the musical programs, do not hesitate to ask experts in the fields of family, children, fashion and beauty, gastronomy and health, and of course, do not miss out on the esoteric tents where astrologers are happy.
You can find the detailed program here.


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