Slowly, there is also an abundance of private homes

Slowly, there is also an abundance of private homes

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There is a steady increase in the number of places in Bohemia, but even more than 70,000 children are not able to access the service. They are hired as private institutions if there is still space available.

Slowly, there is also an abundance of private homesThe treasure tricks of the tricksters are, some people just get it, because according to 2017 data There are 70,000 children without access to state worship. However, nowadays, insomniacs are almost full-fledged. According to the data of the HCSO, last day there was no local provision for 2610 settlements, which affected more than 70 thousand children. Different types of day care (wolverine, family, workplace) favor larger settlements: 83 of them are located in settlements of more than 10 thousand. In Budapest there is a place of worship for 143 people, but eg. In Tolna, the same number is 496. Although the number of jobs is constantly increasing, labor shortages are a problem. There is a great deal of fluctuation among the workers.Many of them have never tried state cravings, and there are 3,000 families who have been rejected, they still have a salary to wage. Along with eating Under 80,000 forints not finding a great deal of self-love in the capital. The agglomeration is a bit cheaper, there are about 50-55 thousand for self-loathing, similarly in the middle of the world, and All children over 3 years of age living in the neighborhood are admitted to the regionally competent school. According to recent data from the Pénzcentrum, there is a large labor shortage in the country. According to the data of the HCSO, there are 10.3 children in a national average and 21.7 children in a kindergarten group. There are many institutions where there are well over 10 kids for a kindergarten teacher, because there is a labor shortage here too. The most expensive Magna Magovin in Budapest costs 130 and 150 thousand forints per month, but in exchange they are taken to sports once a week, they can learn English and once a month there is also robot programming. Private schools are almost full, too.Gabriella CsomбnyAt the request of the Pnzcentrum, the chief executive of the Bukfenc Private Nursery said that both the capital and the provincial institutions were operating at maximum utilization in the last couple of years. The reason for this is the бllнtanak bцlcsхdei йs уvodai tбmogatбs formбjбban kйrhetх cafetйria, хk also plenty szбmlбt jцvх adopted by the munkбltatуk cнmйre.Az Orszбggyыlйs nyбron йvi kцltsйgvetйsrхl szуlу tцrvйnye йrtelmйben the same element megszыnt legtцbb cafeteria, but SZЙP kбrtya йs the bцlcsхdei / уvodai tбmogatбs left, In this way, parents can continue to claim salary rewards from their employer as well as off-site benefits.Fata LaszloAt the request of the Pnzcentrum, a cafeteria expert said earlier that the company could use the name of the company to pay for the kindergarten, baptism and care allowance. That is, if the caregiver's fee is 100 thousand HUF per month, even this amount can be deducted from the tax-free allowance.
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