There will be sex!

There will be sex!

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It is natural that a new family member will upset life. The days and nights get mixed up, the roles, tasks and sex change. But you can do a lot to get love back as soon as possible.

It's nine o'clock on a Saturday night. You lie in bed, there is silence, your baby is asleep. A break in the all-day shift. Next to the diapers, baby creams, kicks, you have a little rest. The living room is a trickster. Well yes, there were times when such breaks meant as much as a simple rest, and even nobody had to cough up. Now, somehow, he is eating it's hard to imagine having spontaneous sex once, there will still be pain, and the body will regain its old form. But what will happen to the relationship in the meantime? Of course, you have to talk to the man if you really want to be there for the baby, wait for that five or six weeks, but then you can go back to the old wheel. Szilvi at least he believed it. She was a little worried when her boy leaned in close to see if the baby's head was out, but when the man came close to it two weeks later, he relaxed: he was so worn by her. We went in really well, but the situation was depressing. I was excited and we both felt it. To my frustration, I quickly began to have sex, and after six weeks, sex was completely different. Of course, from her later births, it turned out that after six weeks, sex is much better than before.
- In fact, bodily changes do not bother me, but rather that libidum was very difficult to get back. I honestly admit it, so after a kid, I feel like I can hit the trail with a stick. One person is always there in our bed, and breastfeeding, continuous nasal feeding, nappies, and lesson are all in my head, but sex is not.

A baby will upset the routine he has used to

- But my old fears are that my son will not want his senses to change, that he will be shy for the child, fortunately they have not chosen something. Rather, I think I need to tune in a little bit more about sex. Maybe it will work out once.

The first week

Special period for the baby. Not only are the hormones raging, but also the senses. We need to work up our birthing experience, get to know the newcomer, build the new life. It is natural that at one moment the euphoria is still complete, but in the next moment the bad mood is over. The baby requires twenty turns, so the fatigue stops. Mйg nature also plays against sex, high levels of prolactin hormone that trigger milk selection will lower libido. I would not recommend this for women during this period. According to Dr. Juhszsz Gyöngyi, this is important because it takes so long for wound healing. The inner surface of the uterus also regenerates within six weeks, but there is no need to keep it from getting infected. in the background, but it is also common that scarring due to dyspnea causes pain. the body. In six weeks, the problem is that she is in front of a woman like a barrier. It's over and the lamp is green. But what if you're not ready for love yet? According to an English survey, 44 percent of women said they took the opportunity as soon as possible. The data is more interesting, because 56 percent of them reported. The sexologist also calls attention to the fact that if sex was good before the pregnancy, she would reject it and do everything in her power to get it back again. If it wasn't real, then it was just a matter less.

It's not easy for a man

You probably haven't had much sex in the last months of your pregnancy, now it's six weeks, and who knows how much. But how are they going through this period?Gбbor does not deny that it is very difficult. And the bar at first thought that the body would be the most lacking, in fact, the soul was shaking the best.- If I wanted to use a fashionable dress, I would say: kispapadepim volt. I felt abandoned, pushed out of my baby-mom double, and in vain did everything I could (bathing, paying, getting up at night ...), there was no reward. And that made me very sick. No matter what I thought about sex, I was only dealing with my own pain. When my wife asked me if she really desperate for sex, I just screamed at her: where do you think she is! Then, when my wife got through the childhood, sex once became a problem. Well, I instantly get depressed.

Light up the fire!

- Give yourself time! You don't have to jump straight into your head after six weeks if you feel like you're not ready. Men are also changed by fatherhood, they are also in the middle of swirling sensations. It is rare that they just want wild sex, often with a good tone of talk, weakness. Have fun together the moment! Calm minutes are rare when you don't have to worry about anyone or anything. When it comes down, deal with each other! - Find the you positio! The best way to get paid is where the woman controls the act, so she can prevent the pain.

The first light tomorrow

She also designed nature to have less loneliness (baby is always twenty times shifts, libido is always given to the baby, and the baby is expelled by the woman ...), because now it is important not to have another pregnancy. First the little one grows, the little one grows stronger, and then the little one comes. But in the long run, everything is resolved and everything goes back to its place. However, even if there is no rearrangement, sex will continue to worsen. Not to be overlooked, no wonder it's not worth waiting for, there are many solutions to this problem today! Visit our Babanaplу section where you can read about this topic as well. Sex reloded!


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