Pregnancy: What kind of sleeping pose do you recommend?

Pregnancy: What kind of sleeping pose do you recommend?

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During pregnancy, well-chosen sleeping positions can help you avoid stomach problems and other health problems, for example, by choosing a good sleeping pill.

Pregnancy: What kind of sleeping pose do you recommend?Especially during pregnancy, when the abdomen is large, it becomes harder to sleep well. It is worthwhile for everyone to find their own sleeping position, but take note of which sleeping posture does and does not.

Habton sleep

This sleeping pose should be considered by doctors as the healthiest, because it is best for the neck and spine. The best way to sleep on your back is to sleep without a pillow, because the neck is in a state of rest. The face is also freely exposed to air during sleep, and this is effective against spasms. However, snoring is much more common during sleep and sleep apnea. During pregnancy, the pressure on your lower back during sleep on your belly is not recommended, so you should not sleep when you are expecting a baby.

Sleeping on the side

Most people sleep on the side, and during pregnancy it is best to lie on your left side because this posture improves blood circulation, which benefits the fetus and mother. On the left side, sleeping is also recommended against stomach ache and reflux. However, it is worth noting that many people sleep under their heads, which can lead to throat swelling, squeezing the blood vessels. Relaxing neck muscles is also not the best sleep position.

Like sleep

There are not many benefits to sleeping on your stomach, maybe just relieving snoring. During pregnancy, it is impractical and uncomfortable for a baby to sleep. It compresses the spine, does not help relaxation, causes back pain.Related articles in Pregnancy Sleep:
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