Chop, beech, caress

Chop, beech, caress

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On our palms, we have a lot of nerve-racking on our soles, which is why they're so ticklish. Not only are we working on the sensory senses, we are also training their muscles with the following exercises. Let's incorporate them into our daily games without notice.

Fingerprints can also be useful

You don't need to play toys to provide the baby with the right learning opportunities. Combine materials to look for surfaces in your home that give your baby a variety of stimuli. Don't just focus on the touch, let the sensory receptors on your soles work too! Believe me, not only will your baby evolve from home-made playgrounds, but you will enjoy them more than anything else.

Here are some specific tips:

- Give him colored crepe paper, bleach paper, so he can rip. Show that this can be done with the toes. We can laugh at you as you mimic your little ones.
- Fill the carpet with many small items (buttons, pins, screws, screwdrivers, screw caps) and encourage the little one to put them in a box. It's a challenge for annuals to use their fingers in a tweezer, and at the age of two you can repeat the show with your toes.

because they are exploiting more senses at once? The simultaneous application of touch, hearing, and vision helps development. According to research, those with finger pranks are two months ahead of development.
Also read our finger proverbs!

Foot pads are used to teach not only the names of the fingers, but also the differences between the touches (from caress to tickling).
- Lay a jump rope on the ground and run it a little bit naked. Press and swing, it's easy to follow the bends!
- Create a training ground for pink soles. We can make a whole street of shoe boxes in the room. You should avoid cotton wool, dry beans, cork stoppers, sponges, gravel, straw. Let's walk through it with the little kid and tell us what to watch for.These articles may also be of interest to you:
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