It's time to take the lonely family seriously

It's time to take the lonely family seriously

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Increased poverty is a feature of families where there is a parent. They are not the preferred group of family policy.

Time to take your single family seriously (photo: iStock)Judit Monostori's Demographic Study on Single Family and Family Practice. About the study published in Demography, hvg.hu нrt.
Family-based families, especially those with three or more children, can be considered as the preferred family policy for today's family, whereas single-parenting is not the case in this study.
  • I prefer families with three or more children, not single parents, for ideological reasons all over Europe
  • 31 percent of children live in families where not all parents are born
  • raising a single child by 35 percent in a living income poverty, failed to improve their situation in the past 15 years, while the large family
  • one quarter of the children do not pay child support
And the situation is getting worse. The poverty risk of single-parent families is high and generally has not improved in recent years.
According to the 2016 microcensus, 18 percent of children aged 18 or younger are raised in a single parent family. The older you have children, the higher the rate. 31 percent of children live in families where not all parents are born. We are seventh in Europe (the first in Latvia with 40 percent, the southern end of the field is South European). Most of all, the father is missing in Hungary - in 2011 this was the case in 87 percent in 2017. In Hungary, 6% of people living with a partner with a child live under the poverty line, while 24% of them have a single parent. nor are the benefits. The amount of family members will not increase since 2008, single family members will receive only one thousand HUF more. The value of the allowance is also unchanged at an average of HUF 40,000. The family tax rebate in most cases is between 10 and 20 thousand forints per month. According to the study, a quarter of children can live with their mother without the father paying child support, even though the father's place of residence is known.
Unique flexible working hours would be the real help. A family-friendly workplace program has been launched at home: according to a study, two-thirds of companies with more than 10 employees spent time off school, school, places to provide start-up support or organize a family program. 31 percent of the companies did not give any benefits. moreover, single-parent families throughout Europe support families with three or more children. According to Monostori, there are three reasons for this: ideological considerations, disparate policy considerations, and the fear of return (that is, only paponium is the only family).
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