The fruit is coming! Бlruhбban!

The fruit is coming! Бlruhбban!

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Make healthy ingredients attractive to all the family and baby who has just started learning about solid foods.

He will surely love it

"Grunge Pasta" more healthily

We added people:
10 decaf cooked, wholemeal egg-free dough
20 decks of raw fresh fruit juice without sugar, maybe a few drops of lemon juice
3 tablespoons reddish almonds

Here's how:

In fact, this dish is just like a carbohydrate bomb for ovis, school meals, as it contains only healthy ingredients, unlike grzes.
Stir in cooked toast with fresh fruit spatula and strain in lightly roasted minced almonds, stirring constantly. Beware, it's very easy to eat!

What does the baby get?

For 8 days card: You can get it wet with a bot blender, a little bit shorter, even if you like to eat it by hand.
For cards from 10 to 12 days: You can gradually introduce the egg that contains the egg.