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That's why small children are constantly opposed

That's why small children are constantly opposed

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You say stop it - he goes on. You say no - he does just that. You ask him to pick it up - and he'll drop it again. It's like living with a toddler is a constant struggle.

No wonder many parents realize that opposing children around the age of two can only be countered by punishment. However, the toddlers are defiant, dumb to the contrary a very important developmental wordand if we understand what's going on in the little brains, we will probably be able to handle these difficult and confessing nervous situations. This area is responsible for critical thinking, problem solving, impulse control, and understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. And underdevelopment goes along with telling the little ones not to do something, your brain simply cannot resist the end. Unfortunately, even if he knows he is wrong about what he wants to do and wants to be a "good kid", he still doesn't succeed. It controls the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the senses, the elemental transcendence, and the desire for discovery, driven by curiosity, not that it opposes us or ours.The racket is an nervous but important developmental state Rather than punishments Set up well-defined borders, at the same time, we try to satisfy the curiosity, and also keep in mind that the brain does not function like an adult (or even an older child). For example, if you are jumping on the bed permanently, look for a place to jump in a safe environment. If you drop the food permanently on the ground, remove the food and suggest something that is not a problem when thrown (eg a small ball). Instead of shouting, try to control the situation And offer acceptable alternatives. Over time, kids' minds will "ripen" and be able to control their senses and desires. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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