Baby Feedback: The rules are simple, the kids are different

Baby Feedback: The rules are simple, the kids are different

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Graduality, timing, attention - a small key to getting your baby started.

In our parenting series, babies' diets are a matter of deciding which foods to use when and when to add to your baby's routine, we give you good tips on how to make them, and of course, experienced moms. It is worth knowing why the process of nurturing is so important in the life of a baby. It is clear that the physical-biological development of the baby primarily determines what your body can / will be able to absorb and process, and it is important to be clear about other things as well. Tцbbek kцzцtt by a kцrьltekintх, jуl felйpнtett hozzбtбplбlбsi process is important to the kйsхbbi problйmбk elkerьlйse йrdekйben.Az йtelallergiбk (fхleg if you have already csalбdban elхfordult), the tбplбlkozбsi disorders, hiбnyбllapotok kialakulбsбйrt termйszetesen not kizбrуlag the hozzбtбplбlбs mуdja tehetх felelхssй as szбmos, other factors also influence the development of the body. However, by carefully and consciously shaping this period, you can reduce the risk of developing problems and developing illnesses. About 6 months old worth trying first with the little feeding. Breast milk is, of course, the best and most complete diet you can get, but it may take a while for your child to grow and develop supplementary diets. Infants' body's need for vitamins, iron, or even calcium is rapidly increasing during this period, so that other foods will be as important to development as the essential nutrients found in breast milk.There are a few basic rules that you should adhere to while you are supplementing - and thus increase its "success". One such thing is to deal with one new food at a time. Between the introduction of new foods at least 3-5 days should pass, but the majority of practicing moms we ask for adhere to the "one week - one meal" principle. Listen to the kid and know exactly what his rhythm is. While one baby needs more time to become accustomed to the new taste, it may be easy for others to take up to a few days. Let's not be surprised if someone tells us on the playground how fast it has gone with their child. As a child, so many habits. As you get up to speed, a little kid starts to talk, to sleep, so differences in food are normal. Whatever pace your baby dictates, be sure to always in small portions let's start with nutrition. The first day we start with only 1-1 cans, then we can increase the amount day by day. Do not breast-feed you get the food small, but afterwards, so be sure to eat as much as it really good for him.At the beginning do not mix the tastes - of course, you can combine the accepted food as soon as possible. We also mean that there is no need to lose food, the child gets used to natural tastes, we do not have to "toss" any greens or fruits. " who had similar children at that time, weekly encouraging me to tell me their successes, but what I was consistently amazed at - something that was not an apple. From there on, fortunately everything went well, as in the literature, "Edit tells of the initial hardships and subsequent successes. The point is you don't have to be scared, but a few simple rules are worth following.
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