Evening you! Ildikó Vitai and Salgi Bergi singing together, do you remember?

Evening you! Ildikó Vitai and Salgi Bergi singing together, do you remember?

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You may not have trampled in your thirties and forties who need a bit of a throat cut when you hear Ildikу Vitai play the guitar and the indestructible, sweet, ringing voice that killed our childhood.

It was this mood that caught my attention when I learned a few years ago that Ildikou Vitai was playing guitar again. I also invited her to the Maternity Club, confident that not only in my memory was she so lively. We used to sit on baby boots, young and older moms, ovis, toddlers and babies. We were delighted to welcome Ildikó, who immediately found the voice with us, told me and sang. Many of us sang with him, but somehow their moms stopped. We lost our voice. Ildikу sang further. A child's voice suddenly sounded, "Mom, why are you crying?"
Because a memory flashes up, like when you mum said to us, "The fire, the pots burned ..." or when we started to understand the text, or even more so when we fiercely explained in our feminist enthusiasm what inequality was: "Dad wash, mom fry…"
Anyway, we all got to do something about the song and it will never go away. Listen to it too!

Both Ildik and Ildikou play together

For young people Szalуki Бgi his name is not unknown. It also causes similar happiness to today's children when they ring Teal and Nyebar Lab for Dalai. He started with the singing of the weekdays, then he found the songs of Katalin Karaby, but never became unhappy with the music. You cannot listen to a child record once. You want to put it up again and again, or you or the child are begging to play. If you don't know, it's time:
Idin Szaluki and Ildik Vitai will engage in public music. I'm sure the old songs are back to favorites.
If you are interested in a Belgian-Ildikou concert, or would like your child to be sold at the door, please contact [email protected]!