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Parenting has a bad effect on everyone

Parenting has a bad effect on everyone

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Perhaps there is no reason why parents should not be criticized: whatever we do, someone will certainly not like it. In recent times, for example, too intensive education in the cross has been done, but nobody is good at birth.

Numerous articles, scholarly newsletters, and popular books call attention to the downsides of over-intensive parenting: critics of helicopter moms educated and uncertain childrenwho are just making the eyes of the immature look like they are trying to save them all and doing everything instead. Parents of parents of parents who are overweight will have a much harder time staying in school or the world of work, and may be more prone to mental problems - read in this article Frank Fured szociolуgus.Are you the only problem with parents? THE szьlхszйgyenнtйhowever, it is not a general thing of the East, nor is it solely critical of helicopter parents. Already in the 19th century, there were those who blamed parents for the behavioral problems of their children, and some decades later, they highlighted the need for "inadequate" parenting for children. it was becoming more and more dangerous to see the world and feel obligated to protect the children in everything. After a while normal and normal childhood conditions have become frightening, as a result, the little ones were constantly being watched, monitored, and we wanted to control every moment of their lives so that something would happen unintentionally. This has meant that parents have to spend more time than ever before taking care of their children, organizing and planning their lives, providing them with adequate safety programs and proper social life. And when a child is alone, bored, or maybe playing outdoors without supervision, parental irresponsibility and incompetence have become a test. . Today, not only parents who do not "watch over" their children are regularly killed, but also those who care for them. And this comes with the insecurity of the father and mother, the erosion of their confidence, and the questioning of faith in their own educational competence. (Via) Also worth reading:
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