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Such was not the case: a fairy tale based on communism was born

Such was not the case: a fairy tale based on communism was born

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Perhaps the world's first publicity-based tales, The Bible, was launched by Krisztina D. Toth on Thursday, when she was introduced to Antimony, one of the ambassador's

The story is about Daniru, who was hospitalized for examination because he was ill. His mother tells him a story about a few drops of water - as well as a sick little boy. At the end of each chapter, readers are asked three questions and can decide how the story continues to be pursued every other week by other celebrities: Piroska Bakos, Gábor Borzu, Gábor Pisz, Kiszeszti Pisz, , Szonja Oroszlán, Zsuzsa Rбcz, Judit Schell, Attila Till, Mari Türcscsik and Rуbert Winkler will also write to the BĂtor book.
The "mom" of the story is Kriszta D. Toth, who will be the one who keeps the story together - but it will not get caught up in the plot.

Erús Antúnia, Molnбr Attila and D. Tуth Krisztina
Photograph: Kйky Kira

"Don't underestimate the world of fairy tales: you will always be rewarded, evil will die," said Krisztina D. Tyt when she spoke about why she had accepted the invitation right away. "Tales contain the stone of wisdom, immortal love and friendship, and surely we, as adults, deserve a little bit of it. The power of fairy tales, fairy tales help put things into place in their souls, "added television personality.
The first part of the story is already available on the site, and Kriszta D. Tuth can also be seen in the video below.
The story of Danirul and Droplet continues every week on Thursdays with a new part, a new author. The resume will be voted on by Sunday night on Facebook and on the book page, and the next author will have three days to prepare for the resume. The author of the second part will be János Lackfi.
"The sъlyos sick children йlmйnyterбpiбs tбboroztatбsбval foglalkozу Bбtor Tбbor Alapнtvбny idйn ьnnepli 10 szьletйsnapjбt, megalakulбsunk уta tцbb than accept hбromezer cancer йs krуnikusan patient tбborozуt the jubilee kйszьl this kьlцnleges, kцzцssйgimйdia-alapъ mesekцnyv, which szerzхi rйszben Facebook felhasznбlуi." - said, presented at the presentation by Attila Molnárr, Managing Director of Bbor Borb.
The Btor Bbor free physical therapy programs for children and their families treated for cancer, diabetes, chronic inflammatory disease, and haemophilia. Children take part in programs that they wouldn't be able to try out - relying on medical supervision. The nature of rowing, horseback riding, novelty, cunning, dance, music, coloring, or high-profile occupations is that they are rewarded with success.