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3 symptoms that may indicate thyroid disease

3 symptoms that may indicate thyroid disease

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With weight loss, weight loss or hair loss, we are aware that our symptoms may be at risk for the hormone to function. However, there are also complaints that we do not think of as being hormonal in the background.

Eye contact is a common complaintProf. Csaba Balázs Endocrinologist, a doctor at the Buda Endocrine Center, calls attention to the following three common symptoms that may indicate a thyroid disorder.

Abdominal complaints

Nowadays, abdominal discomfort, bloating, and complaints of rigors have become morbid due to irregular eating and stressful lifestyle. Because of the fiber szegйny tбplбlkozбs the kevйs folyadйk fogyasztбs йs mozgбsszegйny йletmуd often occurs szйkrekedйs "If these vбltoztattunk the tйnyezхkцn nor rendezхdnek йs our problems tovбbbra, think about it. - kьlцnцsen if egyйb tьnet also occurs. - to szйkrekedйst cause thyroid alulmыkцdйs also Tъlmыkцdйs sign if we do the opposite, that is, frequent diarrhea. "

Numbness and pain in the hands

Hand or wrist tunnel syndrome is known as pain or numbness in the upper limbs, which is known as the upper limb. Symptoms may be accompanied by inflammation, bruising, in addition to overloading the water. Few people think about it, but can also have thyroid dysfunction in the background. "


In the case of eye symptoms, primarily Basedow's disease, which is often the first symptom of enlargement or enlargement of the eyes, should be mentioned. However, this is not the only eye complaint that can be related to the thyroid gland. Today keserнti more tцbb people йletйt the szemszбrazsбg, melyйrt elsх line of lйgkondicionбlу berendezйsek hasznбlatбt йs the szбmнtуgйp elхtt vйgzett munkбt tesszьk felelхssй. "The szemszбrazsбg can be an initial sign of thyroid betegsйg. In such cases, the drops hasznбlatбval not only alapbetegsйg kezelйsйvel szьntethetхk it symptoms with dry sensation, eye squeezing. "
  • Puffiness, dry skin, numbness of the hands may indicate thyroid problems
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