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If your ears are sick

If your ears are sick

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For parents and children alike, severe discomfort caused by a sudden, often midnight, night will cause a lot of discomfort. In this case, the child painfully, inconsolably, he clings to his ears, and most of the time he has lice.

Everything you can find in a topic on the topic newsletter: Appearance Articles inflammation of the outer ear (the ear canal) or the middle ear causes. Inflammation of the outer ear (otitis externa) is a very painful disease, which helps to develop if the skin of the eyelid is damaged. In infants, it is often the case that "fallen out" diets get into the ears, or that the ear can be wet during bathing, and this helps the bacteria to penetrate.


Inflammation of the outer ear is usually not good, but - especially when the ear is touched - it is very painful. THE swollen, worried, or possibly hearing loss. Treatment includes an analgesic, an antibiotic, and an anti-inflammatory drop. The eardrum can be wiped out with sterile cotton wool wrapped in a loop. Be careful not to cause injury or pain! otitis media (otitis media) - And non-pituitary glandular inflammation, as many people say - is one of the most common diseases until the age of three. All five children fall on it. He has a lot of discomfort, pain, and severe heart disease. It is most common in winter and spring. The disease is characterized by a few days of cold sores, followed by catarrh with a strong, open-mouthed headache, and fever.

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Central inflammation can also occur under the skin. It is often the case that the child is seen in the morning and the doctor does not find the patient sick, but in the evening the ears are undergoing. The disease can be caused by bacteria and viruses. It develops when the middle of the nasal passage is blocked by urticaria or nasopharyngeal swelling. Inflammation is cured with antibiotics, but at least as important are the additional treatments: nasal drops, fever and pain relieving, local warming. The procedure lasts for a moment, and then the patient's fever, pain, and pain alleviate. It is not a true belief that one who has sprinkled his ear should always be wiped off. It is also an apology that frequent dehydration leads to hearing loss. Only neglected, severe, recurrent otitis media can cause hearing loss. The sharp "lymphatic" lacerations heal better and faster than when the inflammation of the pus in the drum cavity ruptures the tympanic membrane.

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The parents of the tiny little children are already well aware of the symptoms. Until we get a doctor, we should try to alleviate the pain. Add painkillers, nose drops and warm your child's ear locally. The method used by the grandmother is very suitable for this: warming up the bag in a cloth, placing it on the patient's bodice. Be careful not to get very hot!

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If the small eye is not flowing, you can relieve the pain with a pain-relieving effective drop, but it is helpful to show the little one to the doctor as soon as possible. When caring for a high-flux child, put cotton swabs (loose) in the eardrum, which we frequently change. Local warming is also useful in this case. Keeping the nose clean also helps healing. This is also very important in the prevention of otitis media, so teach older children to use nasal drops for nasal discharge. Infants can be helped by regular wheezing. You can buy different nosepieces at pharmacies. The most effective nasal mount for a dustpan or tap.Also reliable, they work a lot, unfortunately electronic noses often fail, or the battery and the baby are there and can not be removed by the child. Of course, the elemental rhinoceros also has its advantages: quiet, mobile, and in many cases music, which makes rhinoceros more comfortable, playful and less scary.Related Articles:
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