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We'll bring the baby home

We'll bring the baby home

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We became parents. And, of course, we are properly worried, as is usually the case with one parent.

We'll bring the baby home

He repeats at home. It was almost a matter of a couple of days in the church, and now that we're entering the door with a dusty income, a new era is beginning in our lives. There will be nothing like it was before. We became parents. Of course we are also worried normally, as is usually the case with a parent. The most exciting request is of course tбplбlбsa, the most newlywed mother worries about this most. You know and how you feel responsible: keeping the little human child alive and developing depends primarily on nutrition. In Hungary, the majority of today's mothers are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding and are doing their best to breastfeed. Statistics show that more and more are breastfeeding today and up to thirty to thirty years ago. Several players in health have contributed to this success. The biggest and most favorable changes have taken place in the hospitals: the majority of birth departments are "baby-friendly" today. What does this mean in practice? For example, it is unimaginable what today's grandmothers used to do when they gave birth to today's mother-father. At that time, the rule was that after the baby the baby moved to the newborn class and spent at least 24 hours without their mother. Now, however, the infant tumors brought them about forty minutes with ounce accuracy. I belong to this generation myself. In a series of quotes, I was just reminded of what it was like to be born into hospital conditions at that time. As it turned out, we were living similar sensations during these 24 hours. For example, we were worried about getting to know our baby, and what if we didn't get ours from our own. We were anxious, not ill, not sick, and even in our troubled state of mind, we also wondered: is that child still alive?

Can I breastfeed?

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play How great was my grandson's birth! Even so, even as the other babies step out, she was immediately put on her mother's belly, and she was breastfeeding as early as she was born. From then on, they spent every minute together, as the baby's bed was next to her mother. This rooming-in system has won almost every hospital today. The physical proximity of the baby has helped to start milk selection and the baby is calmer with her mother. Infant neighbors also help, at least for the better, teach their new moms how to catch a baby, how to milk, what to look out for. And even if that is not enough, there are different breastfeeding tips, ambulances, and even web sites. The child shakes the head, does not get the nipple, visibly dih if you want to breastfeed and only accept the baby bottle. Sometimes the mother is so nervous and exhausted that she does not produce enough milk. If all our efforts are not successful in breastfeeding our child, do not despair. For a child, it is important to love it even though it is more important than breast milk. If we, too, are among the mothers, rest assured that we do not want to breastfeed. Baby bottles do not cause mental trauma to the child, but excess guilt can cause disturbances in the relationship between the two. A good mother is not equal to a breastfeeding mother. In my practice, I encountered a handful of emotionally neglected children who had been breastfeeded by their mother for a long time.

Physical disorder

No matter how much we went home from the hospital, now that we're home, let's not feel ourselves in heaven. Our body hasn't recovered from its birthing patents, our hormones are in a big shift, and here's a new little man who needs to be introduced to our family, our life. Even if everything went smoothly, there was no complication with the birth, the child was healthy, and our happiness was not clouded at all. Sometimes we are not happy at all, much more tense, nervous, disgusting. There is a sudden sense of urgency and feeling that we are not able to do the job, and we have a great responsibility with this tiny, delicate nipple: if not all mothers, but many of them, especially after the first childbirth. It lasts a couple of days or up to one or two weeks longer. We can also understand that baby-blues is an emotional desire that helps a new mother to fulfill her parenting role and the huge responsibility that comes with it. psychiatric illness. In the months following the birth, it can be any time for the mother to change and it can take a long time. An unhappy, energy-depressed and depressed mother with no confidence in infant care, so they are both in danger. The family should recognize that there is a problem and refer the mother to a specialist.

Look at you

What is our child like? Of course, it's much nicer than others, but at least there's something that shines out of the gray mass. We can teach this more. For example, his father and his grandparents. At the same time, of course, it cannot be denied that it was similar to the rest of the New Year. For example, the skin is dull, with a slight yellow tinge. The ъjszьlцttekre jellemzх bхrszнnnek magyarбzata course is: the mйhen belьli йlethez, fetal vйrkeringйs fenntartбsбhoz jуval tцbb vцrцsvйrtest йs vйrfestйk (hemoglobin) szьksйges than idekint.A szьletйs utбn pбr days begins excess vйralkotуrйszek lebomlбsa, ezйrt the vйrben epefestйk halmozуdik up. The red leather turned into a star, then the most beautiful babies, as if they had come straight from the beach. Then, as the weeks go by, this yellowness ceases and the baby's skin becomes more lightened. Inside the uterus, the baby's skin dipped in amniotic fluid is protected by fetal water from drying out. After childbirth, this cream full of valuable fats and hormones is partially washed away (nowadays it is more comfortable than in old fashion), and partly absorbed. Now the baby almost "overflowing" under the old skin, and under the cold skin there is a new layer where the sebaceous glands take care of the softness of the gem. We don't have to worry about that either, they will die. Just as the smaller or larger red dots called milking will disappear. (I suspect it's just because it's because the baby drinks breast milk. We really don't know what's causing this harmless, delicate skin change.) nipples are often swollen - both boys and girls have this phenomenon. It is caused by maternal hormones that are absorbed into the baby's body during life. The consequence of maternal hormonal activity is the flow from the vagina of the baby. Do not deal with them, do not push, or squeeze your small breasts, and do not rinse your genitals with baby baths. As the hormones are cleared, so do these phenomena. Many small boys' testicles seem surprisingly large. Namely, a fluid (hydrocele) is often accumulated between the shells surrounding the testes, which will be absorbed without any problems. It is also natural that the foreskin cannot be brought back from the head of the penis, nor should we bother. kцldцkcsonkkal buying something. And while the skin causes a little bit of fright when it falls, parents are usually relieved that they don't have to worry about it anymore. The vascular cord runs the blood vessels through which the mother feeds the fetus inside the uterus. After birth, we cut this cord and throw it away with the placenta. The tiny stump that stays with the baby dies gradually and disappears at six to ten days old. All of this is a natural process, we just have to make sure the wound doesn't get infected. That's why we wash it with alcohol and we have to keep the sender's area dry.

What's in the diaper?

The first two are green-black, stingy - this is the so-called fetal sting, in the medical name mekуnium. At a few days of age, when the tiny few are breastfeeding relatively normal doses, their stomachs change, they become brighter, and they develop what is known as a "transient calf". The meconium did not contain any, "milky stool" typically golden yellow with a slight lemon scent.

Is our child happy?

Sometimes it seems she is okay, eating or sleeping, not a word can be heard - sometimes she even smiles in the air! But there are also bad times when you cry bitterly and there is no way to calm you down. What do you play in it? A few babies still have no experience with what they feel. He's just starting to learn how to be hungry. He feels something bad for him, and it causes him to go out. Then her mother takes her out of the bed and gives her something to eat. The baby is breastfeeding, the suffering gradually disappears, and gives place to a pleasant feeling of sanity. This is repeated many times and the child learns what hunger is. Even the cold feeling is not conscious until many times you have not experienced how the discomfort of a bath disappears when you are wrapped in warmth. By finding the cause of weight loss and helping your child in need, we also teach you to recognize your own needs. her legs as if she was hurting something? In this case, the parent thinks that the belly is a headache for the child, because it behaves as if it had a stomach. It may be, but it may not. We really don't know what's going on. But if vйgiggondoljuk that emйsztйs what sokrйtы йs complicated process, hбnyfajta emйsztхnedvet be pйldбul produce the hasnyбlmirigynek, цsszehangolva the epekivбlasztбssal, stomach ьrьlйsйvel, intestines perisztaltikбjбval not beszйlve the bйlbolyhokban lejбtszуdу complicated felszнvуdбsi folyamatokrуl, it would be a miracle if the child valуban belly headache at this point.Of course, this is only a presumption, we will never know for sure. Babies cry for a cow, sometimes for a reason, for some invisible reason. And if we've tried everything and rocking hasn't helped, let's just think that this time is up: two or three months later, our baby will cry much less than he does now. And not so much time comes when we look at our hairy adolescent and wonder where our baby smelled like?Related articles:
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