Birth after birth - this may be the reason

Birth after birth - this may be the reason

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After childbirth, many people struggle with bad health, fatigue and heartburn due to their new life situation and lack of sleep. If your mother is experiencing this for a longer period of time, it is worthwhile to check with the blood to make sure the picture is OK.

Heartburn after birth: may indicate iron deficiency anemia

It is possible that iron deficiency anemia may cause discomfort. What to do in this case, arrуl dr. Zsuzsannab Szélessy, the Thrombosis Center was consulted by a hematologist.

Iron sickness

We talk about iron deficiency when, for some reason - mostly because of blood loss- iron stores are out, red blood cells are smaller, their hemoglobin content - and thus their oxygen-carrying capacity - is also reduced. Later, if you do not purify the iron and the blood loss continues, severe iron deficiency may develop, which is a problem because our organs and tissues are less able to function properly due to lack of oxygen.

Postpartum anemia

THE postpartum anemia childbirth means post-mortem cancer. This may be due to the onset of childbirth greater blood loss (postpartum hemorrhage), but it is significantly more common for a pregnant woman to struggle with iron deficiency throughout her pregnancy, and this was exacerbated by the loss of blood during labor. During pregnancy, the body's iron requirement is increased, so if the iron stores are not replenished by the mother in time, then a small amount of iron deficiency occurs after childbirth. increased fatigue, depression, hypodermia and severe heartburn reports, which can make it difficult to do child-centered tasks. However, not only can the mother's mood be affected by anemia, but it also increases the risk of infections in the mother's womb and can also diminish the quality of breast milk - breast milk is not as nutritious as it is.

Laboratory examination for the correct diagnosis

Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy said iron deficiency anemia laborvizsgбlat it is necessary for the practitioner to stop the diagnosis. Taking these values ​​into consideration, the practitioner may recommend taking an appropriate dose of iron-containing medication along with dietary recommendations. Iron transfusions should be taken until the iron stores have been replenished. The duration of treatment is determined by the physician under the control of the laboratory. Other interesting articles:
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