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Anybull won't have bacon

Anybull won't have bacon

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After childbirth, the fight with the hatchlings sometimes seems completely impossible. The history of our readers proves that there is no hope.

In May 2005 I was in peak shape, which in my case was 57 kilos to my height of 166 centimeters. I'm sad to say I was pretty close to 30. This month, and in this weight, my husband was picked up at a noble party - says Heni Juhszsz-Váczi.

The baby can come

Our relationship got off to a good start, but low Urbian love he became one. And then weekdays came, I did less sports, but I cooked more. This resulted in an extra 5 kilos by the end of the year. It did bother me a bit, but I was lazy move. My trousers are still on, and as we know, an 8-inch high heel means 5 kilos of optical tuning. So I regretted it. In the spring, we were there already vхlegйnyemmelthat the kid can come. I became pregnant soon, I can say earlier than planned. Unfortunately, however, it turned out to be the wrong place for the baby, the pregnancy all right. I went to hospital in shock, life-threatening condition. Those who have suffered have been mentally and physically deprived. And let me still forget about sports for weeks, even in a reduced fashion, but I was sad to see chocolate and a stiti. For the summer I kept an extra 10 kilos and forgot my old pants. But Iin weight was somehow not on the agenda at the time. I just focused on that egйszsйges flies, and be rewarded again. Even so, in November the test became positive again, and then one day the familiar pain came. Diagnosis: again with extra pregnancy, this time on the other side. Now I was physically less comfortable with the problem, because I noticed the problem in time, but it was very psychologically broken.

Now loading

I worked out in months that we could only have a baby on an artificial evening with a flask set up. Since the flask program is the official life partnership, we decided to bring the wedding planned for the summer ahead. That, in turn, was a good reason to cast the 10, which was not difficult besides spiritual healing. And then, on our second turn, we met the first beьltetйs. Before loading, during, and after, I switched to a very cool mode. This is also a prerequisite, as you need to invest a little life to stay. When we went to the bloodshed to find out if the insertion was successful, we were certain to be successful because I had become so pregnant before this time. But unfortunately we were disappointed. I opened again after the chocolate and the cookie. However, the picked kittens did not stop at 10 now. The flask, however, continued. I had an excuse for not being able to do sports, but I had no reason to eat scooter. The following two and a half years in total I did not load it and during this time a very serious jojou effect was formed that was beyond my control. At the time of hormone treatments, due to the plethora of chemicals that were infiltrated with me, the sprigs ran up only two weeks after implantation to ensure that they were calm. And between the plantings, I did not try to diet, so that I would not regret the next attempt. Unfortunately, our rechargeable planting is tragйdiбval vйgzхdцtt. Although it was successful and I had a positive blood test result and after two weeks we could see that we are expecting two babies, but due to a blood test in the next week, there are three. And one of them is in the wrong place… stuck in my stomach, this extraordinary pregnancy is a very rare type. I was in week 10 when we lost them.

Power up, more trouble

When I apologized, I said it was enough for a while. I wanted to fix myself, my life, my goals. It was enough that the last three years of my life were just born I want to be a mom. Now I'm a woman, a superhero, a loving and working female. That year, I took a very serious disinfectant and cleanse, and changed my lifestyle. And at 85 pounds I was down to 67. My boyfriend was proud of me again, and he never forgot to love and respect me for a minute, and I just snapped. So we feel it is time for the next experiment. Unfortunately again failed, but now I didn't let go.
Then, a fantastic holiday has come, which we have come home to discuss, that we will try one last time, and if we fail, we will never say more, but we will miss the years. I was in vain then thirty years old, and I had already let go of my fears for my age. And then, on the first day of November, the seventh planting stopped. Two weeks later I was sobbing a pozitнv test in my hand.

Race against time

August 2010

Unfortunately, my pregnancy rйmes volt. A blood was formed that grew, threatening the baby. It was a race against time to see who grew better, my little boy or the fuck that could break him. I was very seriously threatened by pregnancy, the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy lying in a garden I spent some time lying down at home afterwards. This resulted in a degree of confidence that I had not counted on. I was 67 kilos when I was pushing for the positive test, and 100 when my son was born. When we got home and had enough weight to put myself on the balance, I thought I was 94 (!) Kilos. Many people say that during lactation the rabbits melt, but not. Three months later I was 98. I was paying attention while breastfeeding, but I often played overtime. I struggled, I could only breastfeed my baby until about a month old. After came a diet and sports. By the age of eleven, I was able to get rid of 10 kilos. But I've always hated the mirror, my clothes, moving out, being with people. I'd love to hang out with the kid and always stay that way. He was eleven months old when he was hit by the first illness, with the upper of the air breathing in all sorts of inflammation. I was so worn out that I saw my son suffering that I practically barely ate. In a week I caught 4 kilos. And then I came to realize that my time has just come! I felt, I knew, that was the point when I was getting rid of all the hormones I had taken, cleared up. And the miracle came.

Again in peak form

I shed all the extra kilos йv under. That is to say, I am back 60 kilos, but I'm saying that I can wear the clothes I wore in May 2005. And what was the secret? I think it's never a secret. You have a will! I decided I was going to be a horny mom, and that was what I hovered over. I knew I had the willpower, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have a son, I just had to look at the point at which it worked. Of course, I laid down my basic rules: ever less hydrocarbonswhich I completely bypassed and sported twice a week. Probably different, I was zumbing and jogging. Today I'm at a place where many women in their 40s say that if I have a good dinner, I have to hold myself back for two or three days. So as not to deprive me of all things, and to eat with my family, this is why I have to fight and release. I eat and let go during the week, but I pay attention on the weekday. Which is not difficult, because for my son, no matter what food, what ingredients and where I get it from the table. Now it works.


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