House PartyKid's Birthday Party Tips and Tips

House PartyKid's Birthday Party Tips and Tips

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A kid's team can gather for a birthday, birthday, kid's day or whatever. The secret to success is careful preparation! If we always include two ideas, unpleasant surprises are lost.

For 2-3 year olds

They are the tiniest ones who might want to organize something special. It's even more playful side-by-side, which requires even more adult presence to run smoothly.
Ideal location for a family garden, home, or a nearby peaceful getaway. No more than four similar age trunks should be present at a time.
Favorite activities: watering, sanding in the garden, or paddling in inflatable pools. We come up with many of the same sandboxes, water mills, foot-driven jets, this age group still can't share. (We can also announce another family for this occasion.)
Music games, jumping, and then searching for variety are great in the home. Let's hide two or three flies in tight places, but in the middle of something to see. Let's encourage them to search for hidden animals. A similar success can be in gardening search. Attach simple small paper flowers to the loops and staple them around the garden. Who finds the paper flowers among the real ones?
Once you've warmed up to the games, you might have a little chase. The eagle (papa) goes away, the giraffes seek it. At the right moment, he moves out of hiding places and savages the dwarves.
Foods: Apricots, simple sandwiches, generous innards, such as herbal teas, chilled natural fruit juices.

For 4-5 year olds

For educators, it's a good idea to get some scraps for the birthday party ahead of time. Particularly at the outset, there is some control, a common game, to dissolve loyalty.
Ideal location and number: If your home and garden are large enough, this remains your best bet. You may also find a nearby playhouse if you have a well-defined team at your disposal. The best solution is to have five adults per child to help with the arrangement, and the number is six to seven (the celebrated age is +1), but you can have up to seven children, they are gone, I am ready for action.
Favorite Things: The Voters in Uruguay! Where's the guy? Hide a bunch of pockets turned on somewhere in your apartment or garden. Whoever finds the first one may hide it in the next round. The mascara is great. They can make a big pile of clothes, shoes, and dress each other as they please.
After the fashion show! Crazy slacker for the back seat: you need one less chair or a cushion than you have kids, and when the music stops, everyone settles down. Whoever has no space to drop out will turn off the music in the next turn.
Foods: Ice cream cake, pizza, fruit.

Kid's birthday party

For 6-7 year olds

We are preparing to continue with a program that counts for more. Children usually play by themselves at the end of the party, but adults may still need it. At this age, it is not easy to recruit mixed teams, boys and girls are different and their needs are different.
Ideal location and number: let us free our fantasy of the possibilities. It may be a good idea to have a fun outing, play house, but our home is still one of the best solutions. No more than twelve children are worth calling.
Favorite Programs: All forms of sight-seeing (for example, we have a big cat stick in the garden. We count how many steps are taken from the start line and have to be blindfolded). Either: the bottom of the fы or the carpet is downside-down with a small prize at the bottom. There are always others looking blindfolded, more handsome, with wooden spoons in their hands, where the pots are. If he succeeded, he would win. Ruffled Hunting: We weave crepe-paper hoops or scarves on every child's waist, this is the Ruffled Hunting. It's the job of the tooth to grab as many slack tails as possible.
Foods: Fruit and ice cream, small sandwiches, muffins, fruit.

Over 8 years

Let's give more and more freedom to the celebrated party organizer. Typically, the number of people invited to the party is lower, instead of the nude parties, we can be counted as the three best friends. This age group needs less guidance and ideas from parents, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Funny games always add to the mood. A great idea would be a three-person, two-day party with your grandparents and an outing.
Favorite programs: Collecting, puppying, socializing. Ipi-apachian skull, scratching game: we make a sweet or small gift in the middle of the table. As long as the music is born, they walk around and then swallow it when the music stops. Whoever got something grabs out. What's changed? Children in the circle are good at seeing each other. Then somebody goes out, and in the distance, they drop or hit something on one of the kids. Do you realize what changed?
Competitive Relocation: Who Can Get Into Most Things in a Minute? This age group already loves my Master's title game. Let us be frustrated with the good names that can be played and then point them to each other without words. It can be funny if you try to draw the occupation on a small board.
Foods: Complete the celebrated meal.

More tips for a kid's birthday party

Called: Let's get it to the parents of the kids at least two weeks before the planned party. Include the exact address, possibly with a draft message, the phone number to which feedback will be requested, the date and duration of the party. It is easy to describe what kind of costumes we are looking for: garden games, paddling are not fun. Note that the invitation is only for the child or the parents. (Example: Please, come to the kids at six in the evening.)
What is its purpose? Although it is understood that the birthday jury is meant to celebrate the birthday child and to have a good time, many times it turns into a man. For example, it is because parents of small brothers and sisters should keep their celebrated parents well. You can't do a good kids party like that! If this is inevitable, call professional helpers who are committed to dealing with the children. The other trap is tournament organizing. Unless almost everyone is a winner, or if we do not cheat on the lesser, lean, we can count a lot of little whining kids. Race racing is a sure trap, and its end is almost always humbling.
the food is the essence! Therefore, it is not worthwhile to spend long hours with food preparation. However, the time and mental energy invested in the preparation of games, entertainment, is always rewarded!
Other ways to do it? It is worthwhile to gain experience, but it is bad to start with one another. Organize the party according to the needs of our child and our abilities as much as we can. It is better to have a more modest party than to have nothing at all, because we are shying away from expectations.

Out of house or with the help of professionals

Not all restaurants have the possibility to have a birthday party, only where the venue is suitable for events, ie where a playground, an outdoor room or an exclusive part is connected to the restaurant. Usually, six to ten children are expected at a birthday party, sometimes two times. You will be hosting your children throughout the event, entertaining and serving them. During the program, they play, have snacks, make cakes and, of course, at the suggestion of the child celebrating their birthday, each participant receives a play menu of children. Birthday charts are basically the same everywhere, but the hosts and children (age range, group composition, behavior) largely depend on what exactly matters. In any case, hostesses are preparing for their birthday with different games. Costs vary according to consumption.
Signing up: You can barely find an appointment in the most popular areas for up to two months in advance. In the rest of the restaurant, it is a good idea to announce the request one month in advance.
We recommend for ages - Palace of Miracles
In the Palace of Miracles, the little brother of the celebrated is greeted locally, and after that, the children can play across three exhibitions throughout the country. There is no need for a separate program here, as there are tests and different programs on the display, regardless of the synaptic nature, which they can join. The room costs 6000 Ft, which includes the necessary amount of invitations and plastic areas, the cakes, the canteen and the snacks are the responsibility of the parents. In addition, you need to buy a pass for children worth seven hundred forints, eight hundred forints for adults, and up to twenty people. It's a good idea to book your room by phone two or three months before your scheduled time, as this setting is popular with children nowadays. Interesting experiments take place in the halls around magnetism, electricity, phonetics, hematology and many other topics. You can try the awesome wheel car, the adhesive wall, the monocycle, and lots of exploration await the kids.
We recommend for a six-year-old - Budapest II., Fény u. 20-22. Millenbrois Park D йpьlet
Phone: 350-6131; 336-4044
Bookshop, playhouses
In the 300 square meter playhouse, you can also arrange a birthday jury on weekdays and weekends. Wide range of toys, varied equipment, slides, knights, little kids are waiting for the kids. A part of the playground is distinguished for the birthday company, and the rest is used in combination with other assets. The fat is paid between 28-65 thousand HUF, depending on whether you are asking for service on weekdays, weekends, snacks, extra programs (babbling). The jury can be triple, and up to 18 participants are expected at a time, and even the most affordable solution includes a dedicated expert and program award. We also provide outsourced juries organizing from 35 thousand HUF. It is worthwhile to thoroughly review their offer and prices, and there is a wide variety of services available not only in the Booklet but also in other playgrounds in the country.
Recommended for all ages
Campona Business Center, 1222 Budapest, Nagytétinyi Street 37-43.
Rickshaw bohуc
We can call a professional bohouse and enthusiastic team home. It is worthwhile to schedule an appointment and plan ahead and take advantage of the organization's organizational experience. Not only a bohemian show, but also a playhouse for children, as desired. A very successful example is the balloon folding production, where the bohouse folds all kinds of figures from long balloons into the eyes of children. Babies are almost always a buyer for face painting. The prices depend on your agreement and on the remote location of the program. The price of the broadcasting program is 14 thousand HUF, the one-time program is 19 thousand HUF and the extension is 5 thousand HUF. In the multiplayer program, for example, if we also call the box office, we can charge up to 10,000 forints. With the material of the balloons production we can call it 8 thousand HUF, the face paint bohouch as much. (These rates need to add up to 15 percent VAT.)
Recommended for all ages
Tel: 0620 / 9668-123

Children's Party-kellйkek

We can toss it in with a little trivia, and we can make the birthday party unique. There is a lot of fun in the bookshops with a wide variety of supplies, and these are liked by the kids at home after the party.
Blindfold cap
Especially recommended for the education age group, it can be combined with a small role. Who can play the animal you wear on your head?
balloon Pump
Balloons in all quantities
The pump also boils balloons of all sizes and shapes, folds out of cornflowers, and tosses of water in small heat bombs.
Szönnes papnrgirland
We can toss up a garden party or even a room with some pretty garlands, a lampion. We can involve the child in the preparation of the home, which is not too complicated.
Three spasmodic tongue sponge
It is both a win and a great job. We can organize an asphalt drawing competition in front of the house or on the terrace. Other prize winners: custom made masks, painted face pebbles, rubber animals, glass balls.
Colorful bowls
If you win prize gummy sugar and chocolate, everyone in these tiny buckets can gather for themselves.
  • Hot paper sheets for ice cream, cake, cake
  • Paperboard, paperboard
  • Distinctive signs for glasses
  • Szalvйta
  • Birthday candles with soles
  • Special heartwarmer
  • Not a fancy thing, but festive, unique make some such figure, a special piece. At home, you can make similar stickers on toothpicks. The advantage of paper sheets and glasses is that they do not have to be washed afterwards and certainly do not break into pieces.


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