Liver disease can also be caused by hormonal disorders

Liver disease can also be caused by hormonal disorders

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Many people's skin may have small or large liver patches, which in most cases are harmless, but may call attention to some hormonal disease.

THE mбjfolt a pigment build-up that causes smaller or larger brown patches, typically on the face, hands and stump. They usually appear on exposed skin, like that UV radiation plays a major role in their formation too. Doctors say they are harmless, not malignant, but they can worsen the person's presence if they appear in aesthetically disturbing places or marbles. Melasma due to increased melanin production in the skin it may become darker over the years, which can be prevented by adequate sun protection. Well, if it is caused by UV rays, it can hurt in the winter months - just like freckles.Hormonal changes can also cause liver spots

It can also cause hormonal changes

Exposure to sunlight in the liver may also be caused by a variety of hormonal disorders and certain hormonal changes. It is known, for example, in pregnant women to develop liver patches (usually on the face, in the line) caused by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. however after birth, these patches of liver usually disappear or become faint. It is important to know that not only pregnancy, but also menopause may cause these changes, but they appear on the chest, arms, forearms. However, not only natural processes, but also certain endocrine disorders can cause you have conditions that increase your melanin levels. Such as high levels of prolactin (eg due to prolactinoma), thyroid or adrenal gland disease, Addison's disease, so if you are present, it is worth excluding your condition, as the appearance of a mucus may be nothing more than a symptom.

Other reasons for the background of liver blotches:

  • certain medicines (eg conception)
  • indigestion
  • ovarian disorders
  • liver and biliary disease
  • parfьmhasznбlat

Can a bird spot be eliminated?

In the case of a poultry spot, the greatest emphasis is on the precaution, therefore it is very important to have proper protection, which also prevents darkening of already formed spots. Beyond this, you can get special creams and serums that have a bad effect, but it's important to know that you can't completely eliminate them. Plus, there are various skin care / cosmetic machine treatments available to lighten up the dark melas.Dr. According to Attila Tar, a child and adult endocrinologist of the Buda Endocrine Center, if the problem is caused by a hormonal problem, normalizing hormone levels is the main task. Unfortunately, once a liver spot has formed, it cannot be completely eliminated However, proper treatment of these diseases is not negligible, as these diseases can cause other symptoms and serious conditions (eg fatigue, hair loss, body changes, infertility, menstruation).You may also be interested in:
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