Mom's Fast Food: Tonhalgnros

Mom's Fast Food: Tonhalgnros

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Delicious and easy to make pocket sandwiches. We recommend a light spring lunch or dinner.

Tuna halibut with fresh salt, radish, cucumber, dried tomato cheese cream

The name is quite a loser, because the genius is originally a spicy, steamed, roasted staple that is more expensive than the greens and autumns, but more street pocket sandwich to determine its usefulness. I recommend a light spring lunch or dinner.
so pita (I found a wonderful pie made from wholemeal flour in the organic market, if I roast it, it is very, very inside)
For the cheese cream:
a box of natural cheese cream
one onion
Five grains of dried tomato soaked in oil
For the salad:
fél cucumber
two onions
a brand radish
two brands of fresh sandwiches
a brand of fresh mint
25 deca canned tuna
quarter lemon juice
so a tablespoon of olive oil


I used the robot to clean the cheese cream. I'll put the pies in the bath. Until they are done, I just toss together the lettuce. To do this, wash the cucumbers, the radishes and the onions, cut the former into small cubes, and mix them into a large half. The leaflets were thoroughly blotted, drained, and cut into centimeters. I toss the tuna leaves and add the meat to the greens along with the mushrooms.
I crush the rescue and stop the salad with it. Finally, I use lemon juice and olive oil to make my health good and rotate it well. From the fluffy crunchy pie, I cut off an inch, pocket it, smear the inside walls with cheese cream, and treat the old one with the salad.
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