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Where's the teddy bear?

Where's the teddy bear?

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Watch our six-month-old baby do what he does when he drops the spoon and throws his pacifier out of his baby. Do you hate it, turn it around, beat it, or ignore it any more?

At eight months old, you know for sure that objects are there even if you don't see them. He's looking for them where his eyes are gone. Let's slam the ball under the armchair, so let him sleep. In a crouch, suddenly roll the ball with a cloth.

Play with the teddy bear

Let's get down to each other and make three smaller boxes. Put your little ball or teddy under one of the following: do you know which one to look for or to try multiple times? We can joke about annuals: there is none underneath! Let's finally give it to him and show him where we put it. You'll find it closest there.
Hide the teddy bear in our sweatshirt, neck, socks, always on the show. Annuals really enjoy looking.