Tips for healthy eating in the fall, winter

Tips for healthy eating in the fall, winter

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Our organization is subject to a very high degree of prelude. In addition to paying attention to the functioning of our digestive system, we also pay special attention to boosting our immune system.

We have to pay particular attention to good nutrition, with less fresh vegetables and fruits, harder, fatter foods due to the cold, and snacks more often. With very leterhelhetjьk emйsztхrendszerьnket, нgy become increasingly kevйsbй ellбtni the funkciуjбt kйpes megfelelхen, it's often pбrosulhat ellenбllу kйpessйgйnek against fбradtsбggal, levertsйggel and the organization betegsйgekkel tehetьnk lecsцkkenйsйvel.Mit to megхrizzьk emйsztхrendszerьnk egyensъlyбt, нgy erхsнtve immunrendszerьnket against tйli megbetegedйsekkel? It is important that rich in fiber be our diet, so every day we eat fresh greens and fruits. We especially recommend zebra, red rape, cabbage, roast, apples and citrus fruits. The cabbage leaves as raw as possibleor eat lettuce because they lose important vitamins when cooking.You can help the digestive system to function complete excrement We eat butter, oilseeds. We maintain our balance every day probiotic dairy products, like yogurt.We choose more of the so-called "warm" foods, such as whole or oats, instead of heavy junk foods. Inner foods are easy to prepare and help to make the skin better cold, and do not overload our digestive system.

Make the whole thing too!

With a proper diet rich in fiber and probiotics, a mozgбs too. Because of the cold, many people are reluctant to move outdoors, although exercise in the fresh air has fun for the body, not only for the body but also for the soul. Wake up at least once a week and take a walk to a nearby forest, mountain, or waterfront. They are great for moving and uploading to winter sports, skiing, ice skating, but also to publishing, skating, and snowboarding. In this case, sitting on the couch, the movie forgets how much we have to snack on. Let's choose natural, wholesome delicacies for a night of snacking, oily seeds, peanuts, diet, pistachios, roasted chestnuts, dried fruits, or one of our probiotic yoghurts. The overwhelming majority of probiotics are members of the lactic acid bacterium, generally Lactobacillus, Streptococcus and Bifidobacterium strains, which are significant in the digestive tract. When present in large numbers, their activity can help to maintain a healthy balance and balance, as well as improve their natural defenses. fresh fruit juiceor sip on the movie. It helps our digestive system work, soothes peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile and rooibos tea.