Pediatric patients may lose their basic medical care

Pediatric patients may lose their basic medical care

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Structural change in pediatric care is urged by the Association of Home Pediatricians, chairman Gyula Gyula, if this does not happen, the pediatric care will be terminated after ten years.

Pediatric patients may lose their basic medical care- We expect the new government to take into account the special situation of pediatric hospitals, as in many respects we have to undergo other treatment than general practitioners, - told the Hungarian Times Pуta GyцrgyPresident of the Association of Home Pediatricians. According to Pota, pediatrics has a special role to play; So far, these tasks have not been taken into account by either finance or job security; pediatricians and surgeries. With this structural change, fewer doctors would be able to maintain the same standard of child care, said Gyorgy Poet. Poet says that pediatricians will be massively retiring in the coming years, if there is no structural change, there will be no one to take over the work of the retired physicians;. It would also mean that they will develop mixed communities that also provide adult and child care.
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