Chestnut Games Out And InChestnut And Other

Chestnut Games Out And InChestnut And Other

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I don't think there are any kids who don't like chestnuts. The kids know where the chestnut trees are, and then, in the fall, replenish their pockets with a chestnut coming home.

The chestnut and the rest of the figure were made by the author's little son

I just need to be careful not to wash them, although chestnuts can also be washed. So the chestnut is just burning, the chestnut collection is growing day by day, because these glorious, hot brown fruits are so irresistible!

In the rain, in the cold: Indoors

TalpmasszбsThis game will be liked by grown-ups as well, as I love it. Grab some chestnuts, then crunch the chestnuts with the insole. He often tickles children and laughs big.Use your solesTry to catch the chestnut with the insole and place it in a bowl.KincskeresхPut the chestnut in a secluded corner of the apartment and photograph it. The task is for the child to find the place based on the photo. It is worth hiding 4-5 chestnuts at different points in your home. You do not have to print the photo, for example. to show the child on the phone.

Chestnuts and other figurines of chestnut

You will need the following for the chestnut tree:
  • egg carton
  • genius drуt
  • leaf cut out from paper or paper
  • chestnut
  • felt pen
  • Cut out the inner part of the egg-shaped cone and paint it on any color. Strain the genie with a drizzle of armpit suspicion. Let's draw a chestnut face. Let's cut it out and stick a toothpick cut to size, then place it in the egg holder, strewing the letter. Avoid adhesive bonding for increased stability.For the chestnut figures we can use plasticine, chenille drum, moving eyes. Chestnut matured adult do!

    Chestnut Figures: Chestnut and its partners

    When the sun sets: Play outside

    Cйlbadobуs: It can be thrown into a bucket, into a basket, into a pot.Tapsolуs:Throw up the diy, applaud and catch it.Chestnut creeper:It is so good to play that it is almost impossible to stop, only chestnut grows in your mouth! You find it here.The author runs a popular blog called "The Smell of Sunlight" but you also find it on Facebook
  • Hand warmer - DIY
  • 3 Ideas in Plastic Bottle
  • Make a bottle of fruit from a PET bottle!

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