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Do you want your little one to say goodbye to your cum? Some good tips on timing and a few tips on how to ease your cumiru currency quit.

Lots of kids cum

Some tips and advice on how to quit cumiri currency

  • Waking up from sickness, from the hospital, from home to a grandparent, or just about to take longer, at the time of weaning, the balance of balance in a small child. In those cases, you need the usual comfort, don't take it away.
  • If you are convinced that you are not so attached to it, you are just out of the habit (for example, you drop it, leave it), you can "lose it". Feel free to explain to your baby what has happened and stay solid even when you are not losing. Let's eliminate it, and don't waste it again.
  • We can talk about lambs, we can bet that you're not a baby anymore. Maybe you give it in the daytime, if you can be sure it will be back in the evening when you don't feel like grandfather.
  • Offer a faulty replacement. Your baby can get some dolls in exchange for an old gift. The exchange has to happen at the same time: he gives us the pacifier, and the big kid gives us a toy.
  • Whichever method we choose, we often embrace our little ones during the quit period, assure us of our love, and keep our patience in the difficult situations we have created for ourselves.Related articles in the topic of cumirull quitting:
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  • Don't stuff your little mouth with your pacifier!

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