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About 2,000 years of bloody patients have survived, leading to death, death, nosebleeds, tooth extraction, and fatal bleeding. Nowadays, we are well aware of the diffusion of different images, and even of the clotting factor.


The most common form of congenital, febrile blood von Willebrand's diseasein which women and men can suffer. Most frequently recurring, dull nasal and / or pericardial haemorrhage, dysentery, severe menstrual bleeding, or. Haemophilia A and B are common, both are sexually transmitted, ie a male child may be either healthy or sick, and a child may be healthy or have cancer. a pregnant woman can pass on the defective gene to her son who will be ill. The haemophiliбk esetйn childhood betegsйg sъlyos formбjбban leginkбbb spontбn нzьleti йs izomkцzti bevйrzйsek elх occur in connection with the addition jelentkezх sйrьlйsek or mыtйtekkel elhъzуdу vйrzйsek, vesevйrzйs not uncommon, but ritkбbban mбs belsх organ vйrzйsek (bйlrendszeri stomach, nervous system) also elхfordulhatnak.Egyйb veleszьletett vйrzйkenysйgekkel We meet much less frequently.The Heim P Children's Hospital in the Haematological Department or ambulance every year for approx. 90-100 different age range infants and. vizsgбlnak child veleszьletett vйralvadбsi disorder gyanъjбval.Sokszor terьleti doctor may refer you to a little patient, mбskor szьlхk to turn themselves in kуrhбzhoz a complaint, but it is also common to mыtйti utуvйrzйs or some sebйszeti beavatkozбs elхtt rutinszerыen vйgzett laboratуriumi vizsgбlat kуros eredmйnye makes szьksйgessй the kivizsgбlбst.

What can parents do?

Right after the first muscle injection, most times after vaccination the thigh may swell - even without discoloration -, indicates infant pain, moves limb less, neglectful stretching may also be hindered. fisted dental surgery can occur, which may take days or days. it can last to the full length of the tooth. extensive subcutaneous haemorrhage may occur on a small skin with a simple print - eg. if the child is leaning on toys (curbs, minivans, etc.). Headaches and tongue bites are common during the enrollment period. Shorter, at any age can detect long-term nasal or dental surgery, adolescent girls dying men, and these can also lead to severe anemia over a long period of time. Nasal bleeding is a very common complaint in childhood. However, there are many local causes for this: the nasal cavity dries out and a superficial, overwhelming little scar breaks; sometimes the toddler gets his nose dirty and causes himself to bruise, or is just infected with a virus, and his nose is believed to be bloody due to urticaria. Most of the time, the local nose is bleeding from the same nose, which disappears quickly with proper bleeding (5 to 10 minutes of nasal congestion). To exclude a local cause of nasal bleeding, a nasopharyngeal examination is required. congenital blood rarely occurs gyanъja but feltйtlenьl rб need to think about when ъjszьlцtt quickly vйrszegйnnyй vбlik, vйrzйs under fejbхr (cephalhaematoma) hatalmassб nцvekszik if egyйbkйnt egйszsйgesnek tыnх young csecsemх vйrzik elhъzуdуan the vйrйteli helyekrхl.Elхfordul that can arrуl a csalбdban that patients are vйrzйkeny or it was. In this case, it is important that you are given the first vaccination (2 months old) the examination should be reversed: Is the baby vulnerable? In fact, it is important to clarify whether or not a young woman of haemophiliac origin is a carrier before having a child. It is important that you refer them to a relative who has a family history of illness, especially bleeding complaints (proven blood loss, serious cancer bleeding, etc.). It is very important that you bring with them the final reports and the results of the examination. If the child has such medical findings (from previous examinations, surgeries), their presentation is also necessary.After detailed interview, the child is examined and then vйrvйtel kцvetkezik. The basic exams are still taken that day from the blood sample taken, and we can give you the results in dublin or every other day. In any case of discrepancy, further special laboratory tests are required (eg, measurement of blood clotting factor levels, blood platelet function tests). Sъlyos vйrzйkenysйg diagnosztizбlбsa бltalбban tцbb any time you need to ismйtelni vizsgбlatokat kцnnyebb slight disturbance vйralvadбsi kimutatбsбhoz or kizбrбsбhoz, tцbbnyire nйhбny hуnapos idхkцzцkben.Ha igazolуdott the vйrzйkenysйg, small patient vesszьk gondozбsba: get a gondozбsi kцnyvet which feltьntetjьk next to the most important data of szemйlyi Blood Type, Factor Levels, Patient Blood Group, Caring Institution, and Names for Treatment. This booklet is always carried by the patient, and if you have a complaint, you must report with it. Here and in our department's ambulance card, we record what kind of compensation you received when, for what complaint. We have also taken great care to inform parents about the illnesses of their children, their tasks in different situations, and their life-style tips. For the treatment of more frequent hemorrhages, we now use purified, non-virus-specific factor concentrates. The vast majority of our patients receive a remedy for bleeding, preferably as soon as bleeding begins. Vaccination, dental surgery, and pre-operative prevention are also a factor. Since kisded- йs kisiskolбs age children mozgбsigйnye high, due to the frequent kцzцssйgbe kerьlйs the sйrьlйsek, нzьleti bevйrzйsek, tцbb little more gondozottunknбl megelхzйs cйljбbуl we used regularly (weekly or hбromszor kйtszer) faktorpуtlбst.Ezzel it szeretnйnk elйrni that felnцvekvх vйrzйkeny gyermekeknйl not lehetхleg lasting business changes, despite the fact that they live, play, and move like their healthy counterparts.There is also the possibility of home treatment. Modern Factor Concentrates can be simply stored in a refrigerator and dissolved in just a few minutes. Learn how to give yourself a baby injection for school children as well as parents (s). In addition, we will teach them when to take care of the home, and when to apply the factor, they should seek medical attention immediately. We also prepare the family for the necessary steps to take in the event of an allergic reaction. the parent from the workplace, less often need hospital treatment.Very important for the health and muscle of the sick regular exercise, fortification, the life form and avoiding obstruction. Regular exercise is not an unpredictable end for our patients. To their best advantage, a combination that thoroughly works for all businesses and muscle groups, is especially suited to improving the movement of damaged businesses. We want to make sure that every child learns to fall. A proper summer lifestyle is also provided by the Heim Poul Children's Hospital organized every year.