Zalan's sixth month

Zalan's sixth month

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In our series, you will learn about the development, change and birth of a real baby every day. Zalánn was a real little wiggle and moved, and refuses to let his mom go for a moment.

Series of baby development
Frenreis Zalбn
Birth weight: 6900 grams
By the end of next month: 6480 grams
Йdesanyja: Epres Judit Photo Model (34)
Йdesapja: Zoltán Frenreisz Lawyer, business (31)
Testvйrei: Benedek (9) and Бgoston (8)
Magic tools on the horizon
Sure your teeth are coming! - we have been saying this slowly for two months now, because Zalan's hand is constantly dripping in his mouth, his mouth in streams, and he is covering his clothes, and the baby is always relaxed and can be found, it is pretty bad.
- He wakes up many times at night and sucks almost daily when I put him down. If I stay in the lab, the situation is a little better, ”says Judith. Abba was given amber cubes in Zalan, because it is incredibly effective in reducing the inconvenience of catching teeth. Judit heard from at least fifteen moms that she was using it, so now they are out. But as far as the essence is concerned, despite many preparations, the teeth are still nowhere. Like many babies, Zalan has several weeks of sting before the first tooth change.
The first snacks
Nowadays, Zalan has started tasting. Judit first offered it with grated apples. He had always welcomed the little boy so far, but he had never eaten more than a small apple. For the time being, everything is standard: you want to beat your mind and your interest in new promotions, cannabis, and interesting games. Because she can't sit still, Judit takes it and feeds it. She hasn't doubled her birth weight by the age of five, probably because she moves around a lot and she's more likely to grow longer. From the little globe, our skull begins to turn into a baby.
Augustine and Benedict's puppy, Lulu, are scared of Zalanu. True, two big guys aren't really good at it, but what does it mean when a little kid suddenly grabs his hair, his ears, and just kind of messy. Zalan, however, is merry when he sees a small bunch of furry feet, and Lulu is signaled to be covering her!
Judit must be on the verge of breastfeeding nowadays: it is common for Zalán to turn her head in an interesting voice without even thinking about letting her nipple go. But from the fact that the boys are at home, there is an interesting voice. Zalбn always sleeps on his stomach, even when he is lying down. It's not hard to spin around, and it makes sense to feel good. She diapered and slept with her finger.
Something for someone
The event that took place tomorrow was a beach trip that started with a familiar family, a total of nine. For the second time in his life, Zalán was flying - he was terribly engrossed - but it was not the essence, but the man who had captivated them. Judith began the night before the trip, and then flew up the airline with a bag in her hand, and upon arrival, everyone followed suit. Fortunately, we all shared one day in a single bed, not one at a time. As if he knew how to protect himself most effectively from sickness, Zalán wanted to breastfeed all day long, and as a result of the environmental change, he was a bit out of balance.