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Zalan's first month

Zalan's first month

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In our series, you can learn about the development, change and birth of a real baby every day. Zalan had a third son in the family.

Frenreis Zalбn, birth weight 3800 grams
Йdesanyja: Epres Judit Photo Model (34)
Йdesapja: Zoltán Frenreisz Lawyer, business (31)
Testvйrei: Benedek (9) and Бgoston (8)
"Just as I wanted to give birth to Benedict and Boston, Zalan had an epidural analgesia." I was afraid of the pain, I did not want to experience it because of the wailing and excitement of other pregnant mothers I had heard in previous CTG exams from my room. This time around, it turned out that I had given birth to Zalan without pain relief, and I didn't regret it at all. I didn't give myself to the sufferer. A bad CTG result accelerated the events, and it wasn't really time to ask, and suddenly it didn't seem as important. I realized that pain is also an essential part of parenting. This photo expresses me a really happy moment, a relief and an overwhelming joy for me. I was really thrilled that everything was fine. These are the sensations that make this baby a wonderful memory - says Judith.
- I found it harder. Probably because after Benedict he was born with a very low birth rate, and was terribly difficult with two little ones. Then I felt permanently fatigued. In the meantime, I may also have grown up with the task, because now somehow I am completely sick. It can also be implied that Zalan is a very good kid. While we are having breakfast, we look forward to waiting in line. You know you're born, and here we are.
Judith really has no sign of restlessness, sleeplessness, the very embodiment of calmness.
Growing up between tees
While we are talking, Benedict and Boston are watching and not forgetting to comment on what Mom says. Judith, for example, says that she brought with Zalan fourteen pounds and Benedict twenty-five.
- Mom always loses weight fast! - Benedict interjects me, so I immediately ask him how to do this.
- I try to pay attention to eating more white foods and less carbohydrates. If I get caught up in the hunger for hunger, I will restrain myself. I don't want to lose weight fast, I know that over time, the sprinkles that I have on me will go down anyway. During the week, I don't usually deal with weight loss, I eat what the rest of us, and also every week, have done - lists the "secrets" of Judith.
- Mom's cooking very delicious, like in the restaurant! Benedict notes. The boys still do not eat at school, even after the birth of their little one, because they love their mother's cook. Grandmothers sometimes help with the family, but Benedek and Judit Boston are most fond of Italian food, especially lasagna and pizza.
Life goes on, Zalán moves from one of his hands to the other, when Judit puts her on the bed, she is always lying next to her and talking to her.
Zaln is breastfeeding, because Judith's breasts are very flabby in the hospital, and she feels so much more bearable. Together, we investigate what the cause of the problem is, and we find that the baby's tiny, backward neck makes it too difficult to breastfeed, and it always goes down. This is the problem that time tends to serve the ring: as the baby's head changes, the ratios of the jaws change. Judit is not using her balance or milking now, even though her first child is up late at night, she feared she would run out of milk. Now she is much more confident, as she finds that breastfeeding on demand works reliably, Zalánn grows well, at least that is what comes out of the grown rug.
Zalábn spends peaceful, quiet time with long, consistent sleep. Then there are two big boys at school. There is more shorter sleep in Juliet and she wakes up twice or three times a night. The parents usually end up in the bed. - I lay Zalan on my stomach. So I like him, he likes it, as do his brothers. But when I do it in public, I lay it on my back to suckle - says Judith.