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7 signs that prove you're a good parent

7 signs that prove you're a good parent

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Many times we are unsure of what we can do in your role as a parent. According to clinical psychologist Nadene van der Linden, these 7 things are an indicator of "good parenting".

7 signs that prove you're a good parent

1. Our child expresses a series of feelings in our presence

In some situations, it may not be the most comfortable to cope with your child's emotional distress. However, you know that if the value of our lives is able to show our anger, sadness, or fear, it means that we are emotionally secure.Nadene van der Linden says he is frightened of him directly if a child conceals his senses from his parents. This often calls attention to a serious parent-child problem. To prevent this, we should never try to suppress or ignore the child's senses. Ex: "I see you kicking the wall because you are very angry that your sister won't let you play" - similar findings tell our kid to stop his / her senses and we are capable of positioning ourselves.

2. Our child turns to us if something is wrong

According to the psychologist, the parent is certain that he or she is doing his or her job well if his or her child turns to him or her when he or she has a problem. That means we are next to us you feel safe And you know that you understand and help, and everything you do. We should always pay attention to it when asking for help for something that seems insignificant to us. We accept it with open arms and listen to it.

3. Our child explicitly engages his or her senses without fear of reaction

This is a sign of an open, direct and flexible parent-child relationship. Many, however, unconsciously overreact to the emotional manifestations of the children that they do not like, and thus slowly foster this open, honest communication. Others are so weak that children do not dare to deal with their parents with their own problems. "My child is my biggest support" - Nadene is always frightened by statements like this. "A parent should never have the support of a child because it should be the other way around. The parent should be a sure point in the child's life," he says. We accept and try our child's senses kьlцnvбlasztani the sad point. And if we feel that way, we need help, we ask for support from an adult, not our own child.

4. We are not critical and stigmatizing towards our child

Good parents do not label their children with signs like "bad", "lazy" or "naughty". For example, if your child eats all of the chocolate biscuits before the rest of the family could taste it, instead of saying "But you are a moss and a fool. For example: "You bought all the biscuits without saving the rest. It is important in our family to share everything with your brothers and sisters. Do you think you could do this for good?"

5. Our goal is for our child to recognize his or her own talents

Often parents fall prey to trying to enforce their own unfulfilled dreams by their children. This can cause a lot of problems for your child even if things seem to go to the right place at first. Being exposed to parental pressure and strong control, a child can be doubly frustrated if he or she fails to achieve his or her goals. Let's encourage you to find out what he can dois what really interests and educates you to persevere, take risks, and dare to live up to your own dreams.

6. Set healthy boundaries for your child

Fully released children often get lost or have extreme problems as they grow older. There is a need for certain boundaries. Despite the fact that the majority of children do not like them (eg evening routine, sleep, parent respect and speech), they play a very important role in their lives because frame and security give them.

7. Acknowledge if we made a mistake and try to make it

If we are able to admit when we make a mistake, we are convinced that we are doing a great job. When we shout or overreact (we all happen), it is very important that we can apologize. Tell him how we should have reacted, that we were sorry and sorry. We always remember to give him an example of this. Although we often tend to measure "good birth" in a good certificate or cup obtained by the child, remember that they really do not count. Success is whether we can get one provide a solid backdrop to our child, wherever he can retire. Where you can be yourself and grow. Where they are loved, respected and accepted as they are. (Article Source)Related articles in the subject:
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