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No need to force!

No need to force!

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Many times, moms want their baby to be more or more pre-emptive, so they are really relaxed. It's worth trying to let go of this issue and it may work out on its own.

No need to force!

Now, my sixteen-month-old little boy, Marci She was exclusively breastfed until five months ago, then we started to get started. He was so open to the new tastes that by the time he was seven months old, he had been given three "guides" and had left his mother's milk for a year. But with food, we had more and more problems. At first, he was only willing to eat, and then he had more and more games, with eight meals at a meal to eat a regular meal. (I add that I had never given him a meal at the restaurant before, the meal had always been a meal, no games, so far.) from the desk, from the small desk, nowhere. Egyszerыen he didn't want to eat, by the way, none. Fighting became all over, and I fought to eat it.
Before every meal, I had a stomach upset about what he was going to find out, how much he would eat, how and in what time… We came to the point where I tried to sit down to feed it because I was just dreading the whole thing. I was researching, crashing the net, asking over and over what to do, what to do to improve the situation.
I always got the answer that leave, will eat if you are hungry, do not eat so much, if you do not eat then they will eat the next meal. Well, since I couldn't do this, I was always afraid of staying hungry, not getting enough nutrients, and of course, they barely put on weight. One time we came to the point where I was exhausted, and after the usual hysterics I took it out of my mind, thinking that you wouldn't be able to eat, but the next one. Even so, and it was wonderful, he really ate properly. After using this method several times and seeing it work, I started not stress, the stomach cramps have gone, I sat down to feed him knowing he was eating what he was eating and then he knew. I learned how to trust it. Bevбlt.
Since then, every meal is "complete", your agenda has been established, regular meals are on the decline, and even you are asking to eat when you get hungry. He puts it in for five minutes and then plays. The 30-60 minute meal became the 5-10 minute meal, to my utmost. I'm much calmer, more balanced right now because I don't have to worry about it.
If I think about it, for three months I was "so screwed up" that my child felt it. Well, this is not allowed. You have to watch the kid, you know. It was a very important lesson for me. I know a lot of moms struggle with this problem and are looking for a solution, which is very simple. Let's trust our baby, she knows what's right for her. I didn't think this method would work, even though I could have been suffering for months. I hope, based on my "learning", others will be able to solve a similar problem.
Vaszilynй Szentner Vivien
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